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Restless Legs Syndrome
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Had enough

Have not slept for three days last night took 2x30x500 co _ codamol 2 x50mg tramadol 17.5 mg zopiclone still cannot sit or relax walking up and down walking into walls doors can't keep my eyes open starting to slip back into my bi polar I think if I didn't live on the ground floor I would have jumped my dearest and closest friend went into hospital last Saturday for an absent on his arm and died within six hours the hospital has closed ranks and will not give his partner any infomation. I was doing some painting indoors and a man who I have been helping and supporting for years only 3 weeks ago I bought him new carpets and for years I have been keeping him a live he said he would help me he came I was to unwell to notice what he was doing he has totally reunend my kichen paint all over my living room flooring spilt white gloss all over my decking my wife came home from holiday to what she thought would be a small flat redecorated and went berlistic told him to leave he got violent and threatening I had lent him my wife's car to come back and forward I have starting to receive fines for conjestion charge that we don't live anyway near he had been in prison for along time I new him before he was incaserated I am the only person including his family that has stood by him I want to kill him

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OMGOODNESS , that is some story. I don't have any advice for your personal problems, but for all the medication you took at one time, I suggest you go to your doctor AS SOON AS POSIBLE, you might end up in the hospital with severe overdose or who knows what other serious problem. You need serious help RIGHT NOW. Good luck to you, I feel very bad that I can't offer more except to listen so you can air yourself out a bit as well.

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It sounds like you might want to talk to your psych doc about agitated hypomania or mixed states. They can certainly, in my experience, exacerbate RLS and general agitation. Your doc might want to update your mood stabilizer. Have you tried gabapentin? It has some mood stabalizing properties and definitely helps with RLS.

I would say that it's pretty important to see your psych doc as soon as possible.

Hope you get some relief!

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Jesus man, things are rough at the minute.

If the guy is threatening - cut loose - no other thing to do. You are not your brothers keeper so to speak and by continuing to let this person do what they will could result in a lot of resentment and things could get nasty.

If you have a community nurse get on to them ASAP, (or CMHT if not) and get some help. People suffering with Bi-polar do not need a heap of shit coming at them like you have. Explain the insomnia and how you feel it is impacting on your mental well-being, (if they are not giving good enough attention mention that you felt like jumping!).

Life can be very difficult with RLS, I've lost count of the times I've prayed for death, (which is a bit silly considering I'm an atheist :) ).

If you need to talk you can always message me, or post on here, there are plenty that understand.

Good luck.


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