Sad but true, bad enough to be funny!

So the first neurologist says " we don't use that here" when asked about augmentation, and the second neurologist said, " we will just increase your dosage, I can take you up to 24 or even 48 mg of Requip". She works out do a movement disorder clinic!

Sounds like a bad comedy act for RLS'ers, doesn't it!

Luckily I have Dr. Mark B and this forum to keep me safe and sane!

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  • It would be funny, if it was funny. So what did you come out with..?

  • When I stopped shaking my head with amazement, I went home and had a drink! Will keep researching for someone who knows more than I do. Considering flying to California to see Dr. B if the cost is not too prohibitive!

    Not relishing the thought of all the airplane time.

  • Good move, if you can get to see Dr. B. now he is someone who DOES know more than you or i do. People on here will give you lots of tips on flying with RLS, to get you there. Cant help on the cost though.! :)

  • It Would be funny if it were not soooooooo ignorant!! 29 mgs of Ropinerole is the HIGH dose of PARKINSONS, where they get 48 mgs is beyond my total comprehension!!. MY father had PD, and it was really advanced and he NEVER got close to 29 mgs!!! 1-2 mgs is the HIGH dose for RLS, just so no one reading this is not confused. Thank GOD for DR. Buchfuhrer!! ;)

  • Next the person will be telling you that your new and acute second personality as a raging gambler is because of a naturally occurring chemical imbalance in the brain. Right!

  • And she treated me like I was the idiot haha!

  • Jebus that is shocking ignorance. The more I suffer with my health the more I realise Drs know very little. So scary!!!

  • Doctors know very little about a lot of conditions unless some medical condition interests them. They do not think to refer patients though. Cost probably. We have to find things out and inform them if they listen. Some are willing to do so.

  • Idiot first neurologist probably mixing up augmentation with Augmentin?? The mind boggles doesn't it?

  • With a dose that big you will be unconscious a long time.

  • My legs will probably still be jerking but I won't care!

  • I would imagine if most of us were as clueless about our jobs as some Drs we would have our P45's long ago!

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