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Throbbing in all Limbs


I am a 32yr old female who has had 2 c-sections in the past 3 yrs. I noticed throbbing in the back of my thigh when a varicose vein started to come to the surface 3 yrs ago and had occasional RLS at night. I have been inactive with little exercise in the past 3 yrs. My last pregnancy was 1 yr ago and in the past 6 mos I have had increased throbbing and crawling feelings in the legs whenever I sit down for long periods. My arms are now getting numb and tingling a lot when I sleep. I cannot hold my arms over my head for very long before they get numb. It feels like I can feel the blood pumping in my veins in all limbs. I have been jogging and stretching a lot and that decreases the throbbing a little.

I am wondering if my varicose veins are causing the RLS symptoms. Does anyone have this problem? I have not gone to a doctor, but exercise alone is not alleviating the pain and discomfort.

I am also wondering if I had surgery to fix the varicose veins would this decrease the RLS symptoms?

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I totally agree with this article. I feel my discomfort is due to damaged veins!

Read below...

98% of patients affected by RLS in a recent study found symptom relief after treating varicose veins in their legs with non-surgical sclerotherapy*. Many physicians believe that it is the underlying vein problems that are causing the Restless Leg Syndrome, and by treating this with an outpatient procedure, patients can get relief.

How it works: Varicose veins are caused by unhealthy valves within the veins. When these valves fail or leak, the blood falls backward through the poorly functioning valves causing the blood to pool and appear enlarged, twisted or bulging. Scientists first theorized a connection with RLS due to the similar side effects of varicose vein sufferers including pain, fatigue, itching, burning, cramping, restlessness and throbbing.

The modern treatments for varicose veins (and the corresponding RLS symptoms) are highly effective, and don’t require surgery. A specialist called a Phlebologist does a procedure called sclerotherapy, which has little to no pain, and usually takes an hour. The patient is able to walk afterwards and then resume normal activities.

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If you type in varicose veins in the Search Box at the top of the page you will find a few past postings on this subject.



Hi jdmeeder, numbness is not a symptoms of RLS. So that sounds like something else going on. The treating varicose veins was just a theory for helping RLS. RLS is neurological so its in our brains.

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