Restless Legs Syndrome
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Helpp x

Hi I am a 23 female I have sufferd with rls for a fare few years but only

Been taking pramipexole for the past 2 years. The past few weeks my legs have been

Really bad jumping itching twitching you name it. Any way it is that bad it has veen causin bad paind Iin my back hips and what I ppresume ia my pelvis I am struggling to get an app at my gp any suggestions to help until I can get an app xx

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Do you have any painkillers available? What is the dose of the Pramipexole? x


Hi thanks for replying I am only on 0.08 mg but have been doubling up a few times as its unbearable I am also on a few other tablets codeine and naproxen then citalipram for depression and a long term coursr of lymecycline witch is antibiotics x


You could be having augmentation from the Pramipexole.Put augmentation in the search box,it is where the medication actually makes symptoms worse.Citalipram will usually make RLS worse i am afraid.Could you up the dose of your Codeine? When you see your doctor may be worth asking if you could change it to Tramadol as that seems to work well for most.Have you taken anything new apart from antibiotic, anything over the counter which could have ramped your legs up? The Naproxen wont affect your legs x


Thanks I wil have a look at that and I am on 0.18pramipexole not 0.08. I have had tramadol in the past but they didnt seem to help and also kept me awake:( I ended up sleeping with my legs up against the wall last night but stul didnt get to sleep until after 4.30 . Do u know if any people self medicate with cannabis? Xx


I live in Norman, Oklahoma, USA.

At the Health Food store , I buy:


Yes , that is the name of it.

It is a liquid ( Amish Formula).

You pour one capful in about 2 ounces of water or fruit juice. It has organic apple cider vinegar and all natural ginger and garlic juice. It is salt and gluten free.

It smells and taste horrible but

IT WORKS ! It TRUELY WORKS in about 1-2 minutes. I keep in kitchen and by time I get back to my bedroom, legs are settled down and have relief the rest of the night ! I have been using for about 2 years now. Always works.

Google it, I think you can order online . I also have Fibromyalgia so to get relief for RLS is awesome !


For me hot baths - as hot as you can tolerate and sit in it 'til you think you will vomit! You should notice some relief, if only for a little while.

You could always try cannabis if you have access or can get Kratom on line - much safer than the prescribed drugs and very very effective with no discernible side-effects.

Good luck.


I would go back and see your doctor you seem to be getting more symptoms of something else as well as RLS , just to be on the safe side !


Thanks for the replys hopefully can get an app at gp tmz ita driving me mad not sleeping and also my friends think am weird when im sitting around with them and my legs are kicking out lol. The pains in my hips r so sore today just sitting with hot water bottles on either side and got ice pack's in freezer for my legs tonight . Fingers crossed I get some sleep. Hope everyone is doing well xx


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