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Hi ,has anyone tried the new Medipen? It is a CBD vapouriser, .I am not sure exactly what the correct term is as I have only just starting researching it but it's some form of cannabis (forget the right word) but the part that makes you high has been removed.Medipen is the UK first legal one (or so it claims).I am thinking of buying one but it's not cheap and you have to keep replacing the cartridges. Anyway has anyone tried it? ...Pips x

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An important check - not all CBD oils are the same - that made from cannabis that is normal used to get you 'high' is a vastly superior product from the stuff you make clothes from!


Raff when you get the time would you take a look at the Medipen give me your opinion on the oils as this is new ground for me,thanks


Just taken a look and to be honest if its legal around you its going to be MUCH cheaper to grow and vape your own.

Its just a package for a vaporiser with some what may be good quality extracted CBD but why not get the whole plant and get all the goodness? I found that high THC strains gave me better relief than ones with very high CBD. There are a myriad of cannabinoids and they do not know the interrelation they play. A full spectrum is what is needed imho as opposed to these more 'target' strategies.

I'm sorry but I see a big gimmick company that will sell bucket loads and cripple insurance claims and ordinary people. The coconut oil is so 'now' too!

Although they do use VORTEX MIXING!!!! :p


Thanks Raffs for your opinion as i say i am an absolute beginner with this sort of stuff.What is Vortex mixing?


Votex mixing is some gimmicky way they are advertising their wares!

I do understand that for many this is unnerving and so do these companies and Christ they are going to capitalise on all those worries!

I wish I was living in the states where cannabis is legal as the Sativex spray made by GWpharma and is sold in the UK for hundreds of pounds when there are videos online showing how to make it for $5!!

Now I wouldn't dream of ripping people off and I believe I could make a very healthy profit, so what are these institutionalised gangsters not thinking?

To all out there if its legal in your area, grow it, plant forests as it not only alleviates a lot of health problems but it locks in carbon and a whole lot more too!

If you are not the gardening type you could buy, beg, borrow or barter your time but it can be a life saving drug I am convinced of that.

Where its not legal, I suppose look to making and sharing safe contacts and working from there.

Unfortunately law does not take into account the people its meant to be looking after, just the people its there to protect!


Thanks Raffs,i am in UK so yes cannabis still illegal here.Well you have given me plenty to think about.Its 5am so hoping for some shut eye now ,nite ....pipps


Night Pips, don't let the bed-legs bite!


Hi raffs. I'm in an area in the US where sadly it's not legal. I do have good friends though. They all smoke though and I'm more interested in vaping. Are you aware of any good youtube or other videos on cannabis vaping how tos? I guess I could just get a bong and go to it but having asthma I think my toking days may be behind me.


Hi Pippins2 I looked up the medipen and got as far ordering when it sent via a payment site, was not confidence with it looked a dogey ! I'm in France at the MO so going look into it when back in UK next month. Hope your well take care x


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