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Thanks to Elisse

Elisse: I just wanted you to know that i really took your advice to heart about my over medication of requip and sinamet. I'm down to just 2 sinamet in 24 hrs and from 11 to about 8 of requip. Also added pre gabalin according to Dr Bachfuhrer and will be switching from requip to pramipexole also per Dr B. Thanks for your input. You are quite the expert and I guess it may come from research and experience. Sadly I'm still not really in control but am generally better.

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Hello soupy, i wondered where you had been. I so glad you took what i said and did something about it. You will be alot better once you have got that dose right down. I am not an expert, but have learned enough over the years what is bad and what is good regarding taking some meds. Please keep in touch and let us know how you are getting on. Stay strong. :)


Dr. Buchfuhrer is the best, and Elisse is too! ;) Good luck on weaning down. You are in the best hands for that process with Dr. Buchfuhrer. I have known him for 20 yrs, though email, but 20 yrs.


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