Restless Legs Syndrome
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finding a dr. who cares

my dr. is semi retired. she is my same age, and she"s from the old school of drs. she has been so good to me and my whole family. i live in a very small community in western nc (around 6800 registered voters. we have i think 5 other young drs. that the goverment has scared to death. they won"t give anyone any strong med. i don"t know how we"ll make it when dr. j fully retires. i talked with her assistant moments ago. she"s not working today but her asst. will get me in monday hopefully. i"am going to tell her every thing i"ve learned from you guy"s. i"ll go from there. got to get off the pramipexole. oldblue

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hi old bill welcome to the forum my name is Connie 50 not my real name, but have you tried the Neupro patch I've been on it quite awhile, along with clonazepam, up till now it seems to be doing the trick,(but every now & then like all meds you take ) it doesn't do a thing, I think I have literary tried everything going for RLS & no matter what you take you cannot GET RID of it completely, until someone comes up with a miracle cure, we just have to put up with it, The GPS haven't got a clue neither, mine hasn't anyway. All they do is give you pills & just hope it goes away,


hello connie50, i tried some kind of patch along with oxycodone. i only did this to cut down on oxycodone. it helped oldblue


I was taking oxycodone but like tramadol made me itch really bad but it was good


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