Most of my family (living in different areas) have given up and friends too, as soon as I mentioned depression. This is awful. People usually run the other way and never look back as it is a Mental Health problem. Nov. 13 is Mental Health Awareness day (Tasmania, Australia). Now, what good is that going to do to make me feel better by electing one day per year. Everyone will say they agree with it all and then one year later, still nothing changes.

I was very close to contacting this Group last night about 10PM (Aust. time), but thought that if I mention depression, anger, frustration, fear, etc, etc, that no one would know what to do. I understand its a tough one. But I cant take another night. Rang my doc and he is booked out for 2 weeks. ......... Janet

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  • Hi Janet, I've read your post, and I don't feel the need to run, I'm still here. I'm guessing your depression is a result of poor sleep, which is totally understandable.

    I know your doctors appointment is 2 weeks away, but see that appointment as your light at the end of the tunnel.

    Make sure you write everything down, before you see your doctor, as you'll be so focused on lack of sleep, you might forget to tell him how low you feel.

    I wish you well, and try not to worry about others, and their ignorance, that's their problem, not yours.

    Karen x

  • Thanks Kazzy. So nice to hear your words. Spoke to my doc on phone just now and he said he has some samples of Valdoxen (never heard of it and dont want to google it, as I usually look for the worst that can happen!), so just now on the way to get them. They are not on the National Health, so he has offered a sample. Best for me as Im allergic to so many things. Where do you live? Im in Tasmania, Australia - so never know where people are and may be up and about whilst Im at my worst. Thanks again (PS Was taking Sifrol, but made things worse)). My doc is a GP, we dont have any specialists here where I live on this part of the Island. Thanks again. Janet

  • Hi topdog, I hope you've managed to get some relief with the sample your GP gave you.

    You asked where I am from, im the other side of the world, (so not too far hahaha), in the UK, on the south coast, a city called Portsmouth, home of Henry VIII, Mary Rose ship.

    I'm going to give you my email address, so if you ever need a chat, I will always try and reply ASAP ok?

    Karen xx

  • Thanks Karen, trying the VALDOXEN, but decided to halve the dose, just in case (Im highly sensitive to just about anything these days!). Nothing bad has happened yet. Shall keep going and wait and see.

    Have sent you an email as well. Thanks so much.

  • Hi Janet, What a kind and thoughtful post you wrote to topdo01. In life, most people at some time or other suffer minor or major depression as we are sometimes dealt pretty hard cards. Persevere and when you see the end of the tunnel, walk slowly to it and know that you WILL come out the other side much stronger.

  • RLS _does_ cause depression.

  • Having RLS is definitely challenging and works on your mind.

  • Good afternoon. I know your pain and sorrow of when you mention how you feel and what condition you have people say how sorry they are but do their best to change the subject. I am blessed with a Good GP and I know she cares. What she has done for me as my condition is complex and depression is an effect of my medical condition that has yet to be diagnosed after 2 years in constant pain and heavy dosage of morphine and other pain medication. I am taking Citalopram and amitriptyline but what matters the most is the referral to CBT (Cognitive behavior therapy) as my depression is triggered by a condition that yet to be solved so there is no hope in hell to fix my depression until they fix my pain. What helps is to know and be able to identify the triggers of depression, the exact times where you can see you going down that slope and manage to stop yourself before you reach the point where you cant stop. There are a lot of books and self help websites that deals with CBT and also mobile apps for ios and android. This fight is a long windy road, but what is important is to try and see the curves and obstacles on the way and try to see how you could do things different to make it better.

    Im not sure if this would help at all but I just wanted to let you know that you are not alone with this and there are millions of people like us and for one I am NOT ashamed to say that I am suffering from a depression. There is nothing to be ashamed of. You are not any less then any other person that dont have this condition but perhaps better because you have to fight for your every day and that is something that you can not explain to some one that never have been in your shoes.

  • Hi topdog, people with RLS often suffer with depression, so its not anything new for us to read on this forum. Its not actually the RLS that causes depression, its the sleep deprivation, night after night of no sleep is not good for our mood or for other parts of our body, sleep deprivation can cause havoc with our bodies and minds. I looked up that anti-depressant that your doctor has prescribed for you. Its not one i have come across before, but it "looks" like a safe one for RLS. Good luck and i hope things improve for you.

  • Topdog01

    Having RLS is enough to depress anyone. I have suffered with both most of my adult life.

    I am now in the twilight years and have decided to do nothing to prolong my misery except be as comfortable as possible.

    I am not now suicidal, but was at the end of my rope in 2002 when a doctor friend and I talked and she had another friend who was taking a dopamine agonist and was comfortable. The best we can do is not be miserable, and the depression lifts for a time but always returns when I have gone thru a bad period.

    Try to find some medicine that will do away with the RLS symptoms and that will make your depression manageable.

    My mother had RLS as did her 9 sisters and all lived into their 90's, all had depression and Fibromyalgia. I inherited the full shot and my 3 brothers are also victims of the malady

    Think Happy Thoughts!


  • Dearest Windwalker, I feel very bad for all of you and your families' suffering. You have a wonderful attitude. I am not suicidal as such, just 'dont want to be here' at times. Im 63. My son lives with me, but I am His Carer (he has a lot to put up with, plus trying to put up with me!)

    May I ask if you think RLS could be hereditary? Ive only had full on for about 3 months.

    My doc started me on VALDOXAN yesterday. Dont know if it is working yet or not. I have many, many allergies.

    This morning at 6am I 'woke up' and started diahhorea, shaking all over, sweating profusely, unable to open my eyes properly and chest aching because breathing laboured.(I knew it was not a heart attack, as Ive already had one of those). I was crying so much and very very upset, with no one to come and 'hold my hand'. I cant wake my son, as he actually needs as much sleep as he can. Best not to disturb him, otherwise his situation gets worse. I want him to get better so much, so he can live a good life, so much he deserves. Certainly deserves better than me. Between 'sessions' I managed to go and grab the phone and call my doc, but had to wait till 9am. He said he thinks I have something else going on. A virus he reckons. I sort of agree. A wait and see thing. He said I need to stay in bed, but as I have to do everything in house its too difficult. Some things can be left. Im trying to get the most important things done in case I get worse. I thank you very much for listening to me. There is no one else except you good people. Even though my name appears as Topdog01, my name is Janet and dont know how to change it!

  • My neurologist says a large percentage of us have heredity RLS and some have it as a result of some other illness. In my case I know it is genetic because of the widespread occurrence within my relatives. There are 5 groups that almost all have it. Icelandic's, Cajuns, French Canadians, Appalachians, and Eastern European Jews. If you have an ancestor, even one you never heard of then thats where it is hereditary from, however if you have some other illness then it could be that. Although my family is Christian, I had Jewish and Appalachian ancestors, so this is a double chance I could have gotten the gene from one or both sides.

  • Windwalker, this is just amazing. Shall try to reply as short as possible. For about 40 years I have always had a 'leaning' towards Nova Scotia, North Canada or anywhere in those areas, but mainly Nova Scotia. (I am Australian, born in Tasmania). I cannot explain this very well. This feeling is very, very strong and when I think about Nova Scotia, its where I feel comfortable, safe, loved. And yet, I have never been there. I am the family's ancestry researcher (only started 3 years ago) and found a faint lead that one of my ancestors went to Nova Scotia from Ireland. Have read your story over and over. Not sure what to do with this information now. Could this be tied in with my Ancestry research and answer many questions that we all have? And thanks so much. As I said its just amazing .... Janet

  • There is a research group called 23 and me. That refers to the 23 pairs of chromosomes we have in each of our cells. They have mapped the route taken by all families and their many passed ancestors. Iy helps if you, a female, had a male relative to do the same, because the Y chromosome is the only constant in heredity. (you have two X's and the male has one and one Y) The Y is the same as all the way back to the beginning, but the X is so mixed every generation the the most you can hope for is a brief history, so get a male relative to contribute DNA for the test. Look up on the net and find a lab close to you. It is a competative business and cheap compared to ten years ago.

  • Dear Windwalker, thankyou so much for your informative reply. I am a member of and they have a DNA checker, which I will look at and find out prices. Regards, Janet

  • Yea, that really sucks. I like Elisse's comment, however, on sleep deprivation. Here is food for thought: There are studies that link inflammation of the brain with depression. There are separate studies that prove that sleep deprivation or poor sleep can cause inflammation of the the brain. Try an anti-inflammatory diet. Dr. Leo Galland writes an interesting of the systemic nature of inflammation in your gut to the rest of your body. Check it out. I went more than 25 years with no help from Doctors. Now my health is great. Goes to prove that you can't give up, and that you don't no what is around the corner for you too! Good Luck.

  • I know how you feel. I have rls to. I have lots of nights I don't get any sleep. I can't think . no sleep can make you depressed. I wish that there was more help for us. I was on Miripex for many years . it got so that it was making my rls worse, I gradually quit taking it. And I take gabapentin now,it is working for now. I'm so afraid it will come back, rls is a horrible thing. My dr. Told me there was not anything else out there to help me.

  • It will be a long two weeks. Do you have anyone close that understands. We all need someone.

  • No boba dam. There is absolutely no one. It's very sad. Not very mobile, don't drive any more and would need wheelchair for any distance. Moved to this area 1year ago and no friends, just trouble. But I have you ll

    But I have you all. Thank you so much. Janet.

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