Restless Legs Syndrome
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Working out what helps

Hi all,

I thought I would try and keep you updated on my progress with working out what helps RLS (in my case) as I go along my journey.

OK so since we last spoke I have tried moving the time that I take my dose of Sertraline from before bed (as I didn't realise this could increase symptoms) to first thing in the morning. This seems to have helped a lot! I still have RLS but it has definitely died down slightly so I am really grateful to those of you who suggested this.

Also, I have started taking a multivitamin as many of you have suggested that different deficiencies can irritate it... so I thought hey why not just try and increase vitamin intake altogether and see what happens!

Finally, I've seen that some of you find hot baths helping- I am usually a shower girl but have definitely found that bathing before bed has helped me to get a restful nights sleep.

However, I do find that RLS is much worse when I am menstruating. I don't know why this is but I will let you know if the measures I have put in place helps during this time.

I hope that this helps some of you and I will continue to keep you posted.

Best wishes,


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I find the baths a god send, it doesn't work for long but anything that gives a bit of relief is great in the RLS weaponry!!

Glad the change of times has help with the Sertraline.


See and read my experience reply posted today and the relief I get.-----Parmar


My reply i am aygain reproducing as follows.

While we are on this subject ,I want to share my experience.

I am Parmar a diabetic from 8 years, age 69 yrs. Prior to last 3-4 years I was having similar pain as you people have. My neuorologist doctor called it RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome) and he prescribed me Ropark 1mg every 12 hrs. and capsule of Pregablin 150mg .which gives me relief after 30-40 minutes after I take Ropark n pregablin. However pain is not vanished it appears again after medicine effect is over about 12 hrs later. At these medicinal doses of Ropark and pregabalin i am relieved from pains. I take one Ropark 1mg tablet in the afternoon before lunch and to have good sleep in the night again I take one Ropark 1mg amd Pregabalin 150 before dinner around 9 PM.

These medicines are costlier but cant help I get good relief so long medicines are taken timely and regularly.

However I am also looking for any alternative if somebody has it.. I am on Metmorphin (500+1mg glimpride) before Breakfast and meals. My FBS is always higher above 130 and PBS above 200..and HbA1c @ 10.8 (Uncontrolled sugar average)

This suits me as far as peculiar pains are concerned.

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