Restless Legs Syndrome


Hi guys thanku for replying..i have had rls now for about a year..after being sick with eating disorder i think.mwas only 38kilos..then got better and balooned up to 60kilos..legs a real prob at nights now...tried sifrol..3 to 4 a night.mplus 300 mg a night..even tried drinking excessive alcohol to try and sleep 59..female..and nothing works..magnesium even..i usrd to love going to bed for beautiful sleep now i dred nighttime...just wanting a cure..will resort to sleeping pills if i have to..but not sure if they will work..and all these leg cure tabs seem to have unwanted side effects.

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Alcohol will only make the matter worse.

If your diet isn't good and the RLS has only developed later on I would look about getting Iron levels not just haemoglobin but ferritin levels done.

Good luck




Yes, your doctor should have checked your serum ferritin. Johns Hopkins takes RLS patients with low ferritin up to at least 100, and some people have reached 130 before the RLS stopped. Ask your doctor for the figure for ferritin, don't take "it's within the normal range!"


Hi amberblaze

I have learned from this forum that ferritin levels need to be 70 - 100 for people with RLS.

Many RLS sufferers find that alcohol and caffeine are not at all good for RLS either.

I hope this helps.



Thank you kaarina..will check it


Are u taking anything for the eating disorder such as Prozac that can cause rls? Amazing that u did not have RLS while eating disorder was at its worst but only when u were able to put some weight on.


Hi Amberblaze

I can relate to some of the things you mention.

I, too, dread going to bed - never knowing what the night will bring - will you be able to sleep, not sleep, have to get up - walk around etc etc. - it is quite hellish - especially, as you said, you used to look forward to going to bed & getting good sleep.

I wondered too - how much magnesium you took - I'm quite keen to sort of research magnesium as a real help for rls. I've been reading a report that suggests that rls could be greatly helped if we could be sure enough of magnesium is actually getting thru to the cells - also needs to be in balance with calcium supplements which a lot of people are taking. I have been taking about 200mg of magnesium aspartate/oxide complex religiously for about 2 months but am thinking this may not be nearly enough - so am trying to follow up on this

Wouldn't it be great if enough magnesium getting thru to the cells could actually make a difference and we could reduce all the other nasty drugs we're stuck with.


I would like to add magnesium has really helped me. I take 800 mg of Pico Ionic Magnesium (you can get it from Amazon) and sometimes use a spray made from mag flakes or soak my feet in water and mag flakes. You have to be careful not to get too much magnesium or it will cause itching. I was getting between 0 and 2 hours of sleep with out it. Now most nights I am getting around 5 hours which is wonderful!!! Best to you.


I really can commiserate with you...RLS is such a hateful malfunction ones body and so nerve racking. Someone who answered my first post gave me a wonderful website but I can't find it now. It was on this website "Health Unlocked" somewhere. It was really helpful. From what I can gather, what works for one person doesn't work for another and seems to trial and error. Doctors mainly brush you off but I as a last resort I have booked in to see a Neurologist. Hot showers (5 last night, sometimes 6) and Valium but it is so addictive I stopped taking it. I would give anything to have one night with 8 hours sleep. This website is really good and people will respond to you. I live in Australia and haven't found anyone that isn't 10,000 Km away. Good luck.


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