Restless Legs Syndrome


hi everyone just want to no has anyone had any reactions to taking oxycodone, (been taking it for RLS 5mg). for the first couple of mths it was great, but know,(don't know if it is the oxycodone) I feel so very tired all the time, even after taking dog out for a walk, when I get back after about 20mins all I want to do is lay down & go to sleep,I know that I feel terrible but no one wants to listen, you no that something's not right, in yourself ,but like I said trying to explain it, no one wants to listen, it is so very frustrating. Would love to no what's wrong with me, is it the oxycodone? that's making me feel like this or is it something else, please don't say go visit your GP,because half the time I think they just give you pills to go away, I no they only have limited time to try & sort your problems out,I have tried looking on the net (I no you shouldn't) all that seems to be coming up is FATIGUE.

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I personally do not take oxicodone, but my mother does. She doesn't have RLS but another pain problem and I have been with her at a restaurant where she actually fell asleep eating, she told me the oxicodone makes her very drowsy. Maybe what might be happening is that since you take it on a regular basis you have accumulated enough in your body to keep some of the reaction of the oxicodone working through the day, the effect keeps on going , just an opinion, trying yo help. Good luck.


thanks for your reply I have got an appointment to see a GP I no the oxycodone makes you very sleepy but I have been taking it for a couple of mths know I think I have a condition called FATIGUE going on what my symptoms are, thanks for your reply will post a reply on what the GP says

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I take 20 mg of Oxy nightly.... Zero rls symptoms. A word of caution ⚠.... Your body will get used to the Oxy and the rls will return.... At this point go cold turkey for a day or two, preferably on a weekend etc, and the Oxy will work again for some time.. It's the only medication I've found to work.


thanks for your reply 20mg is a very high dose is this the slow release one? I am only taking 5mg slow release (cut down to 5mg) at night & all I want to do the following day is sleep.anyway I have not taken any form of oxycodone/ox norm for the last 3days &the feeling of sleepiness as gone away, still getting the hot flushes though, for the last 3days I have been taking co-codomol (depending on were you live I am from England) for the pain but waking up about 3.30 in the morning not being able to get back to sleep, I am thinking of taking some tramadol tonight, I was on this before but swapped my meds again,(cant remember why I came of it) tramadol I mean.


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