I would just like to tell other sufferers of rls of my recent discovery and massive relief of rls after at least 30 years of suffering. I have for some time been taking a daily iron tablet also a small glass of tonic (containing quinine) before bedtime but I have also recently added to the iron with a nightly portion of spinach washed and cooked slowly with no added water. My rls is 90 per cent better. It's a hassle cooking spinach every night but well worth it. P.s. I have an allotment and grow my own. But not as tasty as the baby leaves bought in most supermarkets.

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  • Quinine is prescribed for leg cramps and does not help RLS at all.

  • Quinine is fine for mild cramps. I took it when I first got rls but after about a year it got worse and quinine wasn't strong enough.

  • Hi Mike, thank you for sharing your discovery with us fellow sufferers, it's always encouraging to read what has helped others.

    I find it so frustrating on this site when other members replies are so quick to be negative and discard people's comments - this is supposed to be a place to support each other. People should feel comfortable in being able to post comments without getting 'shot down in flames' for something they have written.....sorry, rant over....

  • Thank you for sharing Mike. Spinach is also full of iron but I was told always to eat it with food containing vitamin C so the iron is utilised. Cheers Jimeka

  • I read on here that tonic water helps but it takes a quart and doesn't work if you stop. I also read that iron if it is already digested will get rid of the rls but not if you stop. I also read that magnesium is a cure.

  • Wonder why spinach works so well. Is it the vit c?

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