Restless Legs Syndrome
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back pain

Hi ALL,Ihad a real back problem and my consultant put me in touch with the pain clinic at wythenshaw hospital and i had injections the same as what women have giving birth epudorals,don't know the correct spelling but I'm sure you will know what i mean,every 6 months was then 17.2 stone so i had to do something about it so i joined weight watchers but only for a couple of months I'm now 13.5 stone and guess what no more injections no more bad back and my knees were a problem but no more so sometimes we have to do what we feel we need to do as the doctors i have to say in the main don't even notice where we are at so we have to find a way ourselves and boy does it feel good i really feel upbeat today as my calfs are really loose and i slept well last night good luck all and keep the old chins up i had 3 now just the one i was born with not a preety sight i have to say ha ha ha

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Congrats on the weight loss.

It goes to show the impact that diet can have.


Thanks,the only drawback had to buy new clothes,still the homeless will have some clothes to wear


I've a bag of 'fat T-shirts' in the attic - just in case it goes back on again!!!

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more chance of you flying to the moon with a stove on your back

lit or unlit!!!!


I've kept it off for 15 years now but am keeping the clothes as a warning to be vigilant about my weight.


Feed the others good deeds before you feed yourself good foods and you will be just fine. Good for you. Not everyone is meant to be a size 3 but if you can get somewhat close to ideal then you can move around easily and you have more energy. At any size you still are lovable so go live life and be happy for no more pain in your back.


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