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back pain

Hi, not even sure where to start, had back pain,pain down left leg burning tingling and serious spasms in the bottom of my back for over 25 years which has had a huge effect on my life the pain is so bad sometimes i struggle to even walk. Six weeks ago it's started on right hand side and unbearable. Iam on tramadol, paracetamol, and diazepam, and from a last wensday gabapentin. Saw DR yesterday who sent me straight to A&E had exrays and MRI after 10 hours of been pulled about which put my back into spasm on both sidesi was in agony and could hardly walk , a nurse came and told me results of scan were clear u can go home and left . My husband turned up to get me I burst into tears (feeling stupid but couldn't stop it ) he got the consultant to come and speak to us who just didn't understand of cause I was over the moon results were clear, but at the same time built my hope up that I would finally get some answers and a way out of the pain. He suggested return to DR and get refered to a pain clinic ? . Today sat at home in agony, my back pain has caused weight gain depression anxiety over the years , I do help myself as much as I can and have done for a long time, but now having it on both sides iam losing the will to live and don't know where to turn anymore. I've not worked for 4 years I have no income at all, don't claim anything and in great debt . Sick of been treated like crap iam desperate to work as the Bordem is unbearable but these spasms are just to much to take . Sorry to moan but iam desperate as I also care for my husband who has rumathoid arthritis, physically iam not managing.

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hello datsoon1 here,i have found the doctors are no help,please dont feel so down,you can carry on even when the pain is bad ,the doctors have no idea how painfull it can be,when i get through one episode,i think to my self, hey, i that didnt get me,and i have a cup of tea,and walk around my garden and think ,,one more battle to me,i am not religous so i talk to the plants and my dog and i dont dwell on the pain i have just gone through,dont think when it is going to strike next ,well thats what i try and do, keep going


HI, I am sorry that you are going through such a rotten time just now. It seems to be a pain problem rather thanrestless legs syndrome am I right? If so you will find the groupPain Concern to be of more help to you. Members on there have more experience of these kind of issues so you would reap more benefits

Good luck Pippins2 x


Hi there P8142. I have RLS as well as a history of low back pain and sciatica. My back and leg pain are not related to my RLS and after years of back and leg pain I have managed to get rid of the pain all together by sticking religiously to a Physio exercise programme. My RLS is another story, but much reduced following advice from this forum. I am wondering what therapies you have tried for your back and leg pain? Can you self refer for NHS Physio in your part if the country? I do hope you find a therapy that works for you.


I also suffer from sciatica, severe lower back pain in addition to rls. I find that spinal injections & physical therapy are a miracle for the pain. They do nothing for rls. I agree with the others it's a whole different ballgame and maybe a group for pain management would help.

Hope you find the help you need.


Thanks for all the comments, just spoke to my DR even though at the hospital they said my scan was clear there is actually a slight bulge on one of my discs. He is gonna refer me to the spinal clinic, I have had physio before but I will ask to be refered again as it was a few years back thank you.


If your husband is in receipt of PIP daily component either standard or enhanced you should be entitled to claim carers allowance if you care for him at least 37hrs a week. That means you would be entitled to £62 per week. You can also work up to 16 hours a week and keep the carers allowance.


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