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Mirapex ER

Just looking for feedback on Mirapex ER. Is the extended release better? Supposedly the side effects are not the same and less likely to cause augmentation. Have tried everything available and at the point where nothing is really working very well.

Does anyone have any experience with online drug companies?

I appreciate your support. This is a great forum.

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Hi gretakemac,I dont personally have any experience of slow release Mirapex,I was never offered it ,not heard of many people taking it to be honest.I am not sure if it is even available in UK gor RLS,However in general the slow release dopamines do appear to have a lower rate of augmentation.The one with the lowest rate is Neupro patch,have you tried that?It would be easier if you could list exactly ehat you have previously tried.x


Thanks for your input Pippins2.

I am in Canada, hence the question about online drugs since it is not available here either.

I am currently on Neupro 4 mg and 1.5 mg of ropinirol. I have been on every medication available but have experienced augmentation every time.

Neupro is causing an ugly itchy rash and I am lucky to last 12 hours before I have to put a new patch somewhere else. Even with all that medication, I seldom get more than 5 hours of sleep on a good night.

It was Dr. MJB That suggested mirapex ER and he has been a tremendous help.

Would love to hear of first hand experience.


Hi gretakmac, you are taking way to much dopamine using the patch AND the ropinerole. Dr.MJB gives the best advice. :) Shame the slow release Mirapex isnt available to use in Canada. Have you tried any of the pain meds...?


I do know that the amount of meds I take is crazy, although my neurologist was going to increase it! I barely manage on this dosage.

I Do not take any pain medication although I did take Lyrica for awhile but did not think it made any difference.

I have an appointment with another neurologist in a month, and debating whether to stick it out til then or order the mirapex ER online now.

The problem is I might waste another month waiting for a doctor who knows too little about RLS and augmentation.

Desperately seeking a solution.



Extended is a slow trickle into the blood stream.

Instant is one big blast of it and then it fades.


The ER version of the dopamine meds ARE much better. I cannot take them, but I have many, many people in my groups that take it. most of them are much happier with the ER version, because you have meds going into your system all the time. Like Yikes said, it trickles in and the shorter acting form is one big blast, but it fades away the same way, fast! =All you can do is try it. Treating RLS is all trial and error, so your experience will not be the same as mine was. I cannot take the side effects of either form, and have tried both, but I am very sensitive to any dopamine med in any form, so thy are out for me. But the extended release makes more sense, and I have seen how many people take it and how much they like it, if that helps you at all. ;)


Thank you. That does help. I am going to give it a try.

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Let us know how it goes! ;)


Thanks. Will do. I just ordered them online so will be 3-4 weeks before I get them.


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