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US Opiate Uptightness

US Opiate Uptightness

Last night I saw my Primary Care Physician to have, as I believed, Morphine Sulphate ER added to the Strange Brew that keeps me going, and the Pharmaceutical Companies making quadrillions(off shore, of course). My PCP offered me Morphine Sulphate 15 mg BID, with my Norco 7.5/325 being discontinued. I was hit by a bus, 9/1/2004. I'm a Chronic Pain Patient.

First off that small of a dose of morphine is not enough to control my violent RLS. My left knee will spasm-kick upwards with enough force to lift my 650 LB desk off the floor. I've had a bone deep wound on my left knee for the last year. It is healing now with Xeroform bandaging, and rolls n' rolls of gauze to pad and protect it during the late night, early am punting hours.

I told my PCP she'd made me an offer I had to refuse {Humor is important as a survival skill, in a medically catastrophic life}.

American doctors are thoroughly intimidated by the FDA, and Fear of Possible Litigation and timidly prescribe Pain Medications. In my case Morphine, the Pain med, is also to control RLS. In my country, Comfort and Quality of life provided by a Physician's scrawl isn't provided until one has been given !Six Months To Live! The months and years leading up to that death verdict, well.. you can suffer, doctors worry about law suits, not the patients comfort and well being.

There are a few clinics and doctors that will help. I my case the nearest one to a 175 round trip bus ride away on the Oregon Coast, It's called the Rineheart Clinic Pain is their specialty, but RLS is very painful.

I'm learning what I already knew American medicine lacks compassion. Compassion has a price tag; price tags have bottom lines I am going to need to become clever enough to find a solution to this situation. Please don't think I'm bitter from my asides and comments. I'm not, Frustrated yes. I'd hoped to be writing a success posting this morning...Gimme time, I will. Writing this up helps

I began doing some exercises this morning, They made me feel better. Thaz me at Council Crest Park in Portland OR in September 2014

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So sorry that your doctor will not prescribe a higher dose of the morphine for you. I know from other groups i am on that the pain meds are a problem with getting them for those who need them. Then again, i think it depends on where in the USA you live, as many do get what they need. I understand your frustration. But, i dont know the answer for you. Are all the doctors in your area in the same mind when prescribing or i should say not prescribing pain meds for RLS.


Treating Pain and RLS

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When I lived in Minneapolis(Mpls) Minnesota briefly in 2010, I was prescribed adequate Pain medications at the University of Minnesota Medical Center, one of the best medical facilities in the world. They share physicians and staff with the Mayo Clinic 74 miles south of Minneapolis. My RLS was under control

No offense Minnesota, but you lack the scenery, the organic foods, the microbrew I enjoy here in Oregon. I'm not in a hurry to relocate.

If there are other physicians in the Portland Metro area that will prescribe for Pain and RLS, They certainly wouldn't want their names known. It would be hit or miss finding a doctor like that.

The Rinehart Clinic, in Wheeler OR, 90 miles away on the Oregon Coast is known for their compassionate treatment in regards to Pain Medication. That's a 4 hour round trip car ride, same by bus. That's hardly convenient, but is the only certain help that I know of.

The Northern Oregon Coast is, in my opinion, the most beautiful part of the State's coastline, rocky, great during Pacific storms. It wouldn't be practical medically to move to the coast. I don't drive anymore. I've outlived family and friends. My options are limited.

A Side Note

I'm noticing that the older and more disabled I become, that the people I depend upon for help, Care Givers, are starting to become vicious, taking advantage of me, accusing me of things that I'm physically unable to do. 9 times out of 10 they're of a sexual easy, very damaging low blows, the cheapest of shots. I started using a Power Chair 6 months ago, 6 different care givers since I became motorized have victimized me.

This is far a field from RLS. My care givers have been of many different nationalities, so as humans do we attack of weakest fellows by nature?

Night All


Well Minnesota, might not have the amazing scenery, and the other things you mention. But if you got the medical help you needed while living there. I think i know where i would rather live. My medical needs would be first most, so i could live a better life. My opinion of course. Have you any pain med clinics in your area.? Have you phoned round the other surgeries in your area, asked if they have doctors who know how to medicate someone with severe pain AND RLS. ?

As for your so called carers. i dont know who i can direct you to complain about them and how you are being treated. No human being should be treated with such disrespect.

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I just want to praise your bravery in the face of all your physical troubles. Luckily you do seem to have the intelligence to pursue the drugs that you need. I am sorry that it is all so hard for you and hope these forums provide some support.


well you said it all


So sorry to hear of your plight....I too suffer from violent RLS in my entire body, 24 hours a day. Unfortunately, I have yet to be prescribed anything other than dopamine drugs (currently the 4mg Neupro Patch). Augmentation is just part of my life, as no doctor will prescribe anything other than FDA approved RLS meds. I've tried them all up to the max dose.....and the patch only works for 12 hours, so I'm suffering the other 12.

Maybe another doctor? Hopefully you won't suffer and this situation will be remedied asap! My thoughts are with you!


One possible avenue to pursue might be to contact the people, doctors specifically, you know in Minnesota and see if they can recommend someone in Oregon. Explain your situation and perhaps someone will have a contact out there that would come through for you. Long shot, I know.


Nothing Left to but get Proactive with a Haka, for those of you you know what I'm referring to. I'm mean beat my chest, and yell at those opposing me. Yell about the inflexible, nonsense they're using to keep my last years on Earth {sounds dramatic} a miserable as possible, but as litigiously safe for them as Possible. Compassion is costly. I've thought of media exposure, and am still thinking about. Success might not be in my lifetime, but others might be prevented from suffering Opiates treat some many things so well, to name those Relevant to me, RLS Chronic Pain, and COPD, breathing difficulties. Seems pretty damn unmedical, and cruel not to find away to prescribe for RLS & Chronic Pain, and at the same time help with my breathing difficulties. I use 3 different inhalers and a nebuliaer. Boy I bethcha all that Albuterol isn't safe


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