Restless Legs Syndrome
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Restless Legs Syndrome, 1e Hardcover – April 17, 2009by Wayne A. Hening MD PhD Hardcover

Found this through Oregon Health Sciences University,, Portland OR. The reviews speak highly of this book, probably good night dancing reading

Did my best to transcribe the monograph on inside cover:

Wherefore to some, when the betake themselves to sleep, presently in the Arms and Legs, Leaping and Contractions of the Tendons, and so great a Restlessness and Tossing of the members ensue, that the difficulty are no more able to sleep, than if they were in a Place of the greatest Torture

Restless Legs Syndrome, 1e Hardcover – April 17, 2009

by Wayne A. Hening MD PhD Hardcover $125,00

Amazon $30.52 $30.45 kindle $17.18

paperback $18.08

ISBN-13: 978-0750675185 ISBN-10: 0750675187

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That from the inside of the book cover, is what Sir Thomas Willis described back in the 1600's, he was the first to write down what he observed. Then in the 1940's Dr Karl Ekbom named our condition Restless Legs Syndrome.

Dr Wayne Hening was a great doctor from what people have said about him, He has now passed on from this life. Dr. Buchfuhrer the RLS specialist who's website i have posted on here a few times, worked with Dr Hening on books about RLS.


I think BBguss45 is a member who is always trying to help others Along along with Elisse and other key members we should all count our selfs lucky , let's face our doctors and specllist are good but the haven't got RLS and would never now what it actually feels like and the misery it causes

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This book looks very interesting. I'll put it into my wishlist on amazon and wait for used copies to surface!


Do youknow if this Dr. Wayne Henning is from NJ? I think there is a Dr. in my neurology section at my hospital with that name?


Lorri, look at the comments. Dr Wayne Henning isnt with us anymore, he died a few years ago.


Publishing Is Such A Rough Business


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