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Found some relief

Just wanted to let you folks know what happened to me. I saw an article about artificial sweeteners especially Equal or aspartame. I have read and been told that RLS is a neurological condition. Well, guess what this article claims that artificial sweeteners can cause neurological problems. So I stopped using all artificial sweeteners. For the past week I've been sleeping like a baby. Not one twitch no creepy crawlies just peaceful sleep. wouldn't hurt to try it. it might work for you if you use sweeteners. all my best to everyone. And good luck.

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Hi Jim, alot of people have found that sweeteners have been the trigger for their RLS. RLS is neurological that we do know. But some food or drink or medication can be a trigger and when people find what the trigger is, they can sleep better. Glad you have found your trigger, i hope it continues for you, and thanks for posting to let us know.


No Artificial sweetener is any good for man nor beast!

Linked to a whole host of problems for one locks the calcium in your food so body can't absorb it totally bad for diabetics as it attacks the pancreas which is where diabetics are affected from.

Causes many pains and bone problems.

If you need something sweet use the real thing "Brown sugar" non refined/bleached products

Read labels as many non diet? drinks for instance have artificial sweetners in them(poison) should have skull n cross bones labeled on them!


Thanks for the post; I was unaware of this trigger. I'll update mt rls blog post with your tip. Don't know about Splenda as an rls trigger, but I do know from experience the stuff wreaks havoc with your digestive tract.


I'm glad you've found something that appears to trigger your RLS and hope that avoiding sweeteners continues to help you. However, I've had RLS since I was a baby, and I most certainly didn't use artificial sweeteners then, or indeed at all until I was somewhere in my 20s. Perhaps it's a trigger for some forms of secondary RLS, but not a cause for primary RLS. Anyway, really pleased for you and let us know if this keeps up for you.


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