Hi, I am a Masters student at Bath Spa university, I am studying dance. I have chosen to do my research question on RLS, and how original authentic movement material can be created. it would be a great help if you could answer the small survey from the link below. I do not suffer from RLS so your help would be most appreciated.

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  • Did the survey, think it needs to be a bit more in depth. Good luck with your dance.

  • thankyou, I felt this as well, and if it was a bigger project I would. your comment is very useful thank you

  • I saw your message on FB at the beginning of this year. I have completed the survey but feel it is rather too short. I wish you well with your research project.

  • thankyou, I would of liked to make it longer and more in depth, but my research paper is limited to 3000 words. and I have no funding for this and would of had to pay to add more questions. I am looking to possibly take it further so your comment is very valuable to this research thank you, and could possibly lead to funding for further research to bring awareness to this condition. as a dance artist I am not trying to cure or prevent, but to create awareness.

  • Good for you. We need all the creating of awareness that we can get. Thank you.

    Do please keep in touch and let us know how you go on.

  • I've completed your survey, but don't really understand the connection you've made between RLS and dancing? Your survey has given me the impression you believe RLS leads to involuntary movement of the legs, which it doesn't. RLS leads to sensations in the legs that can only be relieved by moving your legs, so you feel an irresistible urge to move them to get relief. Unfortunately the relief only lasts while you are moving your legs. Just wanted to make it clear that you don't sit or lie there with your legs moving of their own accord without your control.

  • MumofSam.i had just come on to say the same thing after looking at the survey! I guess Rhianan is confusing restless legs with PLMD

  • subject to funding i would love to take a look at PLMD and PAR, but its a somatic approach to creating the movement that is caused by the condition RLS through PAR.

  • thankyou for your comments, yes i am aware thats the case, its the movement that is created from the sensation that i am interested in.

  • No movement is "created from the sensation", anymore than an itch "creates" the movement involved in scratching it. I think you've totally misunderstood what RLS is, or have confused it with something else. Please do your research properly before you put this dance routine together. However, I have to be honest that I find what you're doing very insulting and patronising. Would you seriously consider putting together a dance routine to show the involuntary movements of someone with, for instance, cerebral palsy? After all, they have plenty of them! No, of course you wouldn't, as you'd rightly be in a lot of trouble for trivialising and insulting people with that condition. Please realise this is also a serious medical condition, and not a topic of entertainment or fun.

  • my main aim being to bring awareness of this condition

  • Hi , anything which raises the awareness about RLS is a good thing. I have suffered for many years and it takes over your life, people do not realise how much of a problem it is and I have felt very down at times . I would be happy to help in your research if I can.

    Best wishes.


  • I agree. RLS should have more awareness developed.

    There must be millions of people who go undiagnosed.

  • I agree that there should be more awareness of RLS. However, I wouldn't want RLS to be shown as something it's not. It's not Parkinson's Disease, where people move involuntarily and uncontrollably. It's not something that causes you to "dance" in any way at all. Any movement required to get relief is voluntary, and I think this kind of confusion doesn't help anyone who's suffering from RLS identify themselves with it. I want this condition taken seriously, not used as some sort of "art exercise". That doesn't help anyone - leastways not those of us with RLS.

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