Iv said over and over my RLSis very painfull and all over my body One thing I have learnt over the 9years Iv suffered from RLS is to eat food that feeds the brain So if any one is interested these foods are Avacardo Pear , Bannana , Almond Nuts, Water Melon , Fish Oil , walnuts , Honey , Kewee Fruit, Blue Berrys , White steamed fish , beet root All of these I eat a lot of Keep your brain healthy Your RLS is not so bad .

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  • I have banana, Omega 3, honey, everyday and beetroot & blueberries at least twice a week.. Makes no difference at all... But if it helps you..youre lucky!

  • We Are What We Eat

  • I had RLS and recently started having freezing, pains in the joints etc and boy does this ever work for me.

    Every morning I drink this

    Organic Tumeric and Ginger

    I make a big batch every day

    Cut up 15 or 20 pieces of Ginger root and 2 tablespoons of Organic Tumeric

    Boil for 30 minutes in half pot of water, then let it cool for 30 minutes, then refrigerate

  • Iv made your ginger and tumeric dring Iv had one glass this morning I keep it up see what happens xx

  • Everyone with RLS should give that a try unless they're allergic. Those are benign substances and below is an article that shows that curcurmin/turmeric enhances dopamine receptor function. So that might be something people with RLS might want to drink before bed as well. Thank you for bringing that to our attention.

  • Yes I made a batch up so I will try it for a week See what happens 1 pint of water 5 large chunks ginger chopped 2teaspoons turmeric boil for 1 hour cool then drink

  • What's up with you? What else have you tried? Why not the cream of tartar ;).

    Or iron bi-glysinate? Why are you up right now? Put some music on and lay on a slant with feet elevated.

  • There nothing up with me Iv tried all the meds I'm certainly not going to try a cooking agent like cream of tar tar there's nothing in that to help RLS Iv tried all the Zombie drugs don't work but I thought the ginger turmeric may help or I might turn orange I had severe RLS ALL OVER MY for 9 years so I know all the tricks of how to ease it thank you for you help any way So when you take the cream of tat tar do you get in the oven then ha ha

  • No, it actually got rid of the RLS that night but I was wide awake. Come to find out that in addition to assisting in the release of dopamine, cream of tartar (pure potassium) is a stimulant. So I ended up taking my old stand by...iron, in addition. Really Erona, you are way smarter than me, you gotta know that there are substances out there and activities, besides prescription meds, that will cause our brains to release a little dopamine and quiet our legs. Orgasm will relieve RLS for a minimum of 10 minutes, I guarantee it. How often do you get a guarantee?

  • I'm not taking a cake mixture sorry

  • Plus you shouldn't have restless body, 24/7. You're up to no good Erona, I just know it.

  • Your up to know good convincing us to eat cram of tartar If you had the painfull arLS that I and it here's on this site have you wouldn't say stupid things Ginger and turmeric yes cooking powder KNOW

  • Cream of tartar is pure potassium that seems readily absorbed by the bloodstream. I think that's why some people swear by bananas, they contain a nice amount of potassium. Scientists often use potassium in experiments to do just what we need done, cause a release of dopamine. But the researchers use potassium to recreate what happens to the brain on methamphetamines and test what substances will counter drug overdoses. But from what I have read, a lot of potassium is required to accomplish this. And potassium can be dangerous in high doses just like amphetamines. But there's almost no arguing that it causes a release of dopamine. And that's what dopamine agonists and opiates do for us.

    RLS is the greatest darkness. I had restless body not realizing that three drugs I was taking was causing it. Sleep was impossible. My head was restless. I would throw it back and arch my spine and contort my body in an effort to stop what almost seemed like Tourette's syndrome when I tried to sleep. I think I went about three nights without sleep until I read on the internet about iron. I can't take the normal kind of iron (ferrous sulphate) because I have IBS, so I automatically bought the gentlest form from a health food store that does not stay in the gut and constipate you. It worked!!! First time and everytime. Then I ran out. In desperation in the middle of the night I went to a 24 drug store and bought ferrous sulfate. I had no doubt that it would work, my only concern was constipation. But it didn't work??? Not even two. Next day I went to the health food store. I would play around and try it once and awhile but it never worked, maybe once with orange juice. That's when I realized that the iron has got to enter the bloodstream. It can't stay in the gut which is what it tends to do as we age and have less acid in our stomachs. I also realized that no matter how high my iron stores are (I think mine got close to 100 during this time) my brain just can't seem to get any from there. So once it leaves my bloodstream, it's all over for that pill and has to be repeated just like the dopamine agonists. Once I stopped those medications I went back to mild RLS.

    Any other questions or rude comments?

  • I eat bananas a lot thanks for your help and rude comment Don't talk to me if your going to be rude Iv taken your comments on board good buy Go pick on another member

  • Tcho, you have been extremely rude in your comments to Erona. He has told you he doesnt want to try the cream of tartar that should be enough for you to leave it there. No one should be hassling someone to try something which they think might work. Or give rude comments because they will not agree with you.

  • Thanks Elssie would you eat ceream of tar tar I hope she leaves me alone now thanks again x

  • No i wouldnt eat cream of tartar either. I eat enough banana's and they dont help me. But i love them so i eat them. :)

  • Yea me too I eat a lot of fruit x

  • Turmeric I believe is a wonder. It has also been shown to have anti-cancer effects and I believe played a significant part in ridding our greyhound of a tumor in her palate and sinus cavity that experts claimed would kill her in 3 months. Not to be mean, because he was a wonderful vet and we miss him greatly, but the vet died of a tumor 6 months later, our girl's tumor went away (verified by another vet in the practice) and she lived almost another 2 years. I'll try turmeric for my RLS. And maybe get other benefits as well! Thanks for sharing this Erona. I'd much rather try as many holistic things as I can. I can't deal with the anti-Parkinson meds, and there's only so much clonazepam one's system can handle.

  • Thank you Yes I'm still making the ginger and turmeric drink I

    Put a bit of sugar in it now too I'm sure it's helping

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