Restless Legs Syndrome

RLS and Chronic Itching

This is my first post on here in over a year, as since starting with the Neupro patch 2 years ago I've enjoyed a relatively symptom-free existence. However, for the last 10 days I've experienced a chronic allergenic-type itching in the upper body and arms, for which I've taken anti-histamines to no avail. Now, it may have no connection at all to RLS, or it may be a manifestation of the progressive nature of it. What's undeniable is that even a tiny itch can set off the 'electric shock' effect that some of us feel when under attack, so you can imagine what I'm going through, especially since I'd come to rely on the patch for relief. Has anyone else had this experience? I intend seeing my Doctor here in the UK to discuss this, but as most GPs are practically ignorant of RLS I'd like some feedback from fellow-victims. My fear is that the Doc will take me off Neupro and put me back on Requip tabs in an effort to determine whether the former has turned into an allergen, despite the fact that I've been using them for 2+ years with no side effects.

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waw nice to know that the patches have helped you for so long. I was thinking of goign onto the patches but from what you tell me i may just put it off a bit longer. let me know what the doc says plz. thanx


Relieved to hear from my Doc that there's no link between the Neupro patches and severe itching, so I'd recommend the patches wholeheartedly - they've been brilliant for me. Good luck.


Do you think Neupro would give good relief for RLS ? You sound like it might be helpful.

I shall ask my physician to write me a prescription for it.

Question here : What is the doseage of Neupro that your Doc wrote out for

your prescription ? I really need this info or I cannot get the RX prescription.

Thanks for your help on getting this prescription going. It sounds as though you have

had some success with it !




Began on Neupro 3mg on Consultant's recommendation, taken with 3x300mg Gabapentin capsules. I'd previously been on 4mg Ropinirole with only short-term knock-out effects. I'd say go for the patch.


I am on 1mg Neupro patch, always try the lowest dose first it may work and you have room to increase dose if necessary x


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