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Restless Legs Syndrome
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G.Ps and painkillers what is it with them!!!

Got to see my G.P last week hoping to get stronger painkillers! but guess what you have to start on the

ladder and work your way up,so Iam on paracetamol now I am on my way up!!!.

Received my new prescription from Neurologist today (it has taken 5 weeks to arrive at my G.Ps)

Madopar 62.5mg One four times a day.Will let you know what happens. Kathyp x

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Out of all replies and all written material out there, on this forum, I like the exercise, getting down to ideal weight and eating correctly -dealing with those electrolytes. Once you reach that optimal health, then the other avenues should be explored and taken advantage of. =) I know that we have a million things to do and struggle just to even get dressed, be well presented and get any meals in us. It has to happen for us to get any better. No medicine will do all of the work for us. The medicine will do less than half..the taking care of us will be the hardest thing that any of us ever had to do. No exercise will only sink us further. 10 mins. 2 times a day is a good start..just a walk..just a quick sweeping of the floors and vacuuming. Start somewhere is what they say...


Yes I remember "starting " on paracetamol first mamy , many years ago.I suppose the aim is the lowest strength of pain relief that works is the best one to go with.This is true of course but think most of us would have already tried the ones available OTC before we get as far as the doctors surgery.Still they go by the book and start you at the bottom of the ladder again., good luck x


I hate to agree with your doctor as much at it seems cruel... save the big guns for later if needed. It's smart to take the least amount of drug as possible that will meet your needs. I know that it's frustrating. A sleeping pill, gabapentin or something less addictive can be added. Good luck to you.


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