Hi gang ,I do check to see how everyone is getting on some worse than others,well the doc rang me she doesn't know what to give me ,well after I told her what I know , I can go on codine alone 4a day if needs be have got gab as well still on Ropinorole just weaning down of them,I am happy with that,if this works I can go on hols end Sep also see my daughter hip hip please let this work for me. Please if anyone is on codine alone tell me. I await your replays Beady 3

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  • Hi Beady I only take codeine. I am weaned off all the other drugs. However I only take the codeine every four days or so, when my symptoms have been unrelenting. I then sleep brilliantly. It helps me get through the bad nights knowing I have it on standby if I need it. Stretching, lots of water, no caffeine etc all help too.

    Hope it works for you & that you have a great holiday with your daughter.

  • Hi Annieapple the doc never tells me what to do we sort of chat ,do you think maybe I should try 1 tab at 6.00 and 2 tabs at 9.00 did you start like that and now you are down to 1tab every 4th day x

  • Hi Beady I take two 'Syndol' which is a combination of Codeine, paracetamol & muscle relaxant. They work quickly (20 mins) so I take them when I am getting ready for bed. Knitting helps me in the early evening when symptoms start, plus stretches in between. I would like them every night but codeine is addictive & I am also scared that they nay not be effective anymore if I have them too often. It's not strictly every 4 days.. Just approximately. I do have some relatively good nights & some horrid nights but nothing as bad as the augmentation.

    Hope this helps.

  • Morning Annieapple,what I think I am going to do is see how far I can cut them down if it's very bad well I will take one ,I would sooner have two good years in this life than four miserable ones ,not that I am thinking of going anywhere. The Doc said she had never heard of Codine being addictive,so with the help of you good folks I will make my own mind up,well sort of. Have a good day x

  • An option would be to take the codeine every night until you are weaned off your other medication & then decide what you want to do. You can take 2 codeine every 4 hours so just taking it at night should be fine!

  • We can't get syndol any more

  • Use your codeine or co codamol from your doctor.

  • Hi Beady, I take co-codamol (30mgs codeine + 500mgs paracetamol) for severe spinal & leg pain. I can take 2 tabs 4 times a day if needed. I don't take this dose every day although there are days when in so much pain I do.

    More usually I take 2 in the morning to get me up & moving and 1 or 2 at night to help me sleep. I have been taking these for about 5 years.

    I have not become "used" to them, they remain effective for pain relief. I have not become addicted, I can & have gone without them without any sign of "withdrawal" problems.

    To counteract any possible constipation I follow a fibre rich diet - this works for me. You can also get "lactulose" (to counter constipation) prescribed by your GP which is also brill (so I'm told !)

    So give the codeine a try, take the 4 a day if you need to. If you take 2 at the same time you should really leave at least 4 hours before you take the next 1. (By the way what strength Codeine had the Doctor given you ? )

    I truly hope they work for you and help when you come of the Ropinerole.

    Best wishes, Geri

  • Morning gerri. Thanks for reply well I have just woke up its 5.00 so that's another good night,tomorrow is the last day with Ropinorole I think I need 4 codine a day and so far loo performance ok,I really do find all your answers very interesting ,well we have rebooked our hols For Sat week will just take the tabs like home,so after what I have been through the sun has got to shine enjoy your day thanks again June x

  • Hiya June, we're on holiday ourselves at the moment staying in a cottage in Dorset. It's been wonderful getting away from home and just sitting by the sea. I hope you have good sleep every night, it makes life so much better when you have.

    Don't worry about taking the Codeine & Gabapentin - they are both good meds & if it works for you then go for it !!

    Have a lovely holiday

  • Hi there booklover ,hope you had a super day an more to follow,thanks for help. My. doc has never heard of codine being addictive and a friend who is head nurse at a hos she hasn't heard eitherl,,the thing is I have had this B rls for 45yrs and the last few years the pain has been terrible now I have. Found something that gives me pain free nights I am not going to turn it down,all I keep reading now is not good about codine but what about all the other rubbish we take,I have just taken Ropinorle for 8 weeks god knows what that did but sure as he'll it didn't help my leg night folks x

  • I would follow my doctors orders exactly. Enjoy the symptom free existence. =)

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