Anyone been seen at John Radcliffe Oxford -UK?


After many phone calls I have finally been referred to neurophysiology at John Radcliffe hospital oxford uk.I wondered if anyone else has been seen there for RLS? I am really desperate for them to be able to help as have tried tramadol,pramiprexole,nitrazepam and clonazepam none of which help.I already take pregabalin for nerve pain daily which was the local consultants only other advice.My iron levels are now normal too.I have started to lose my concentration and co-ordination I am so tired and am a nightmare mood wise!! Last decent night sleep nearly 6weeks ago and counting ..

Still on a positive note it is sunny here in Dorset today !!



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  • Hi sarah, sorry no answers to your post, it is very quiet on here just now as the health unlocked changed to a brand new format yesterday and it seems its not very popular.Its def confusing me! You sedm to be really struggling so glad you have got the appt where you wanted to be.Was JH hospital recommended to you? Did you get any relief at all with pramiprexole even at the start? Have you tried ropinerole as some prefer this to prami? We are all different what works for one doesn't for another.The neupro patch is liked by many too have you tried that.Glad you got your iron sorted but again doesn't help many.I fully understand the frustration of being soooo tired but as soon as you try to rest the blooming legs start.Have you got a date for your appt? Take care and welcome to forum

  • Hi

    Going to hospital this friday..very pleased and really hope i can be helped.not been offered patch or ropinerole and gp locally wont try me on anything else just yet..I was offered bristol or oxford chose oxford as quicker to be seen and bigger sleep department.worried i will have to give up my NHS job if this isnt sorted soon.

    Thanks for your reply


  • I def couldn't manage a full time job during the times when I was pacing every night.Sometimes it would be 6 am before I got off to sleep then up again at 7! Would you let us know how you go on pls always good to know is someone has a good/bad experience so able to recommend or not to other sufferers

  • Sarah just seen it is the PLMD you have do you have restless legs aswell just out of intetest as I have both -they often go together

  • Meant PMLD

  • Sarah,

    I am being referred to the JR, how was your experience? Who did you see? Good outcome?

    I am currently on Pramipexole and really would like to get off it.


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