I hate RLS

So on Thursday I leave to go to music festival until Monday which involves camping with my friends and I am DREADING it. My RLS has been so bad every night recently and I don't know if I will be able to handle sharing a tent with my friends who do not know about my RLS. At the moment I really do not want to go even though this is something I would usually love.

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  • Hi if you dont tell your friends it will be even more pressure on you which will make you more anxious . Hopefully you will be able to move around during the day so I would tell them you have a neurological problem that affects your sleep.You could explain that you might het up anf down durimg the night and not to worry you're not sleepwalking! Is it a long journey to get there? X

  • Okay yes I will tell them! And no it's only about 2 hours max leaving at 11am which is an okay time for me x

  • Its your choice but if it was me I would, hope you enjoy it, try and get a spot to sleep near the entrance to the tent so you are not climbing over people.! Have a good time, let us know how you go on.Good luck x

  • Hi, I missed so many 'events' because of my RLS and the worry of disturbing others. I regret it now so ry to go, explain to your mates and hope they understand, sometimes I have had to explain several times and be fairly expressive to get it across as RLS sounds so dull and stupid!!! My real mate (as always) came thru!!! :)

    So try and not be me, you are so young keep fighting and living as much as you can force yourself to do. Enjoy the festival, Reading was always my favorite!! :)



  • I sympathize with you. One time I went away with my sisters for a weekend. My RLS was acting up during the night, so of course I was up and down. We were all in one room. My sisters saw what RLS was like and never imagined it was so bad. So, they understood a little better.

  • What kind of drugs does your Dr. have you on? I tried so many different ones and nothing worked for me. I am now on a narcotic drug ( Percocet) Oxycontin and so far it has been GREAT. I take three pills a day and as long as I take them at the same time each day I am pretty much pain free, they are a godsend. Without them I would not be able to go anywhere, especially overnight because all I used to do was walk the floors and cry because the pain was so bad.

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