Restless Legs Syndrome
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Success !!

I have to update you guys on mums progress since taking your collective advice. Happy to say that we removed the Anti depressant (Amitriptlyne) and mums legs stopped jumping within 24 hours and have not returned now for nearly 3 months the dose she was on was tiny as we had dropped it gradually but it was still affecting her legs. What a difference it has made. She still takes the low dose of Pramipexole and many other tabs for her other aliments. Just shows how bad those anti-d's can be I would recommend anyone on them to try to get off them.

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Thats great to hear..!! So nice to hear that the advice on here can help people. Altho have to say, some people can take anti-d's without them bothering their RLS. But agree most cant, your poor mum being one of them...

Thank you for letting us know.... :)


Thanks for the update strange I was only thinking about her a few days ago as had not seen amy recent posts from you.So pleased things are much better and glad we all helped in some small way, give her my best wishes as I remember she is almost blind so cant read the posts, Good to hear a success story ! X


Thank you so much for taking the time to let us know. It is great to hear some positive feedback. I am one of the lucky ones that can take amitriptyline with no side effects. I took it for one year when I had gastro problems and it sorted my problem out. Do pass on my best wishes to your mum and you are a lovely daughter for being concerned and getting in touch with us here.


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