New Meds SUCCESS!!!

New Meds SUCCESS!!!

Hi everyone after 4years I am VERY HAPPY, for the first time I am actually sleeping through until morning. I wasnt sure at first thought I was dreaming. I don't think my CanCanLegs have stopped but down to this new drug my consultant recomended to my G.P. I am now taking "mirtazapine", it is a anti depressent, I was sooo sleep deprivde "like all of us with bloody RLS I d got to the stage where I didnt see the point going to bed so when I first took this new drug I wasnt very hopeful, the first night within an hour I was asleep. It as been just over 2weeks and I have only woken a few times by RLS. I have also started Acupuncture with my G.P. around 20mins placed in both legs and in my hands. They ached after and felt I had to stretch the legs. I am booked in for another next week. So it is so far so good!!Please note I do suffer with depression and was already taking anti depressent.Thankyou!

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  • Glad to hear things have got better for you.. I have to say, you are one of the lucky ones, who can take anti-depressants without making your RLS worse, most of us cant take anti-depressants for that reason. I have tried acupuncture, a few years ago, and apart from feeling relaxed after, it didnt do a thing for my RLS.

  • Excellent!

  • That's very good news. Thanks for the update. =)

  • Good luck Cancanlegs

  • Brilliant news. Think I will have a word with my G.P about the anti depressants I'm on.

  • I would be interested how you get on. GOODLUCK!!!

  • Well done on finding the med that works for you :0)

    I too have found the med that is right for me - I have suffered with

    RLS for years, my friend used to call me Michael Flattley !! Was in

    Ropinerole which my doc gave me - I now wk at a doctors surgery and

    asked one of the docs there about it - told me to take iron tablets as lack of

    iron can cause RLS - so after going back to see a different doc

    I no longer take ropinerole and just take ferrous fumerate tablets and

    touch wood - I no longer kick the crap out of my husband and I no longer dread

    going out for the evenings as my legs remain still - I get a few

    urges now and again, but nothing compared to what it was

    - so a happy bunny I am :0) - he also told me to eat liver - that is defo not happening !!!!

    Something so simple !!!!

  • I just read a paper from Johns Hopkins that iron probably has something to do with RLS. You are the first person I have seen whose treatment has been changed in accordance with this theory. Your experience would indicate that it works. Now, I am wondering about all those RLS patients who are taking Parkincin's medicines for RLS. Something is wrong here.

  • Nothing wrong at all with taking the Parkinson's Disease meds. they save many people's lives when there RLS is out of control.

    Everyone is different when it comes to RLS. What can work for one person doesnt work for another.

    Everyone who has RLS, should ask their doctor for a ferritin level test, to see if taking iron pills will work. There are not many who it makes any difference to the RLS. If it does you are one of the lucky ones.

  • May 29th you wrote with good news! How is that going for you now?

    I'm curious.

  • Me too!!!

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