Restless Legs Syndrome

Hello everybody

Reading some of the posts here has made me realise that all the other problems that plague me may be associated with rls.

I've had rls for about 12 years and now on Neupro patches. The original, traditional symptoms have eased, now it's more jerks and twitches, cramps and pains. I get pains in my arms, hard to describe as they don't seem either muscular or joint pains. It's like a cord is being tightened around my arms just below the shoulder.

This last year I started with sickening back ache, sort of between the shoulder blades, like a knitting needle is pushed in and scraping my spine. I have found that when it gets nasty I will have a bad rls bout, even if I just relax. It also triggers unsettling dreams and feelings of anxiety and nervousness. I've got the back pain today, maybe the wet weather is making it worse, and it really messes up the thinking processes too. Analgesics don't work, sadly nether does alcohol unless I drink a lot.

I've also found that vigorous exercise, as I've seen mentioned, triggers a bout of rls. I should say triggers a worse bout. I always have some symptoms. A good night is when I just twitch for a while. A really bad bout is when I go 3 or 4 days without any sleep at all. One time my wife had to call the doctor out as I was having an serious anxiety attack. He gave me diazepam, high, high dose. It was like tripping on lsd but calmed me down and stopped the rls being so bad. Now when I get near that state I take a high dose of dihydrocodeine, it works, breaks the cycle. I know the risk but the doctors can do nothing.

I want to thank everyone here for their posts and replies. This seems the only place anyone listens and comprehends.

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Hi Hardly sorry you are struggling it is s ghastly condition and yes impossible to explain to a non sufferer, Exercise def makes my rls worse even a walk late on can be enough to make legs go nuts.I try snd wind down in evenings with my bath anf hot water bottles. Going on holiday soon so routine e9 be shot so dont know how that will go still I am looking foreward to it.Yes some people do find dihydrocodeine helpful but they dont work for me, good luck


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