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Time to relief with Pramipexole

I'm prescribed 2 x 0.18 mg Pramipexole a day. I take the first during the evening and the second during the night. I've found that I don't get any relief until two hours after taking the first dose. It used to take up to one hour for relief but the time has increased during the last year. Does anyone else find it takes a long time until the drug works? If only there was something which gave almost instant relief!

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I think it is well known that it takes 2 hours until effect. 2x0,18 mg sounds a bit high dose in my ears, have you tried to just take 1/2-pill each time?


I don't think you are taking enough................




Hi Casimira,

My Pramipexole taking mirrors yours except for the dose (mine are 0.088). Now takes a bit longer to kick in than it use to - probably around 2 hours, so I normally take the first late afternoon and the second mid-evening.


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