Pramapexole no longer being manufactured?????

Was given pramipexole by Neurologist and had been on that for a year or so. A few months went to the chemist with my script to be told that its no longer available!!!!! Been given ropinarole instead and getting major sickness and other side effects.

Im from northumberland, has anyone been told the sane thing about pramapexole or is my trust taking me for a ride????? I have severe RLS is all limbs and have daytime symptoms and pain aswell as nighttime ones. Any advice would be great

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  • Hi Aarromey, I too suffer from RLS and have been on Pramipexole for about 3 years, it was mainly prescribed for taking just before bedtime to stop RLS occuring during sleep as I was being woken up with these symptoms. However, I need to take then more often to stop RLS during the day and before I try to relax, I now take them 3 times a day and they seem to be working. I am still able to get Pramipexole prescribed by my doctor and have no problem obtaining these from my chemist. It sounds as if either your GP dos'nt want you to have them or they are trying to fob you off due to expense. I would persue your request to get them as from my point of view they are available. I live in Bristol for your information, hope you are successful and feel free to contact me if you need further updates.

  • Pramipexole has NOT been stopped from manufacturing. You need to confront your chemist or doctor, i take it as do many many more, who do not have a problem getting it.


    I found this article from 2012. Perhaps someone is being cautious. Have you discussed your nausea and other side effects with your GP or Neurologist?

  • Also, why is your pharmacist giving you a different drug to that prescribed by your neurologist. Pharmacists don't prescribe, although they may suggest. I would have thought this chap was risking being sacked.

  • got a new script yesterday north of Doncaster UK! get in touch with your Neurologist, the chemist can not just change your script?? good luck

  • Please see my post regarding this. My doctor just said she wanted to make me aware they were having trouble obtaining Pramipexole. I am going to my chemist to ask his opinion.

  • hi Aarromey i live in somerset and have been taking Pramipexole for a long whole now and have no problem getting them down here they don.t work that well little or no relief i also take Baclofen and iron tablets still no good can.t recall last time slept in bed all night end up downstairs rolling around on floor or pacing up and down wishing for morning to come or hoping i can sleep stood upright best wishes nick

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