Restless Legs Syndrome

My hands, feet and in general hurt to bend as well as to the rest of my body and I don't know if this is fibromyalgia or a side effect?

The pain in one knee is worse since I fell downstairs. Bending my knees is very difficult in the last year and getting up from being on the floor. Even after a short period of time in one position feels very stiff, everything. It's as if I've aged in the last years so very quickly! It is so depressing! Doing exercise it's not possible apart from keeping active and working full time I am in too much pain and only at the weekend venture out for a short walk. I used to do regular exercise and do yoga but nothing like that is possible now. My doctors has no idea.

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You could be writing my story. I put those symptoms that you describe down to my fibro and arthritis and feel I've aged 15 years in the last 5. Add to that the insomnia.........


I still live in denial that this is not me. I keep thinking I'm going to find the answer to this soon. I'm having investigating infections like possible SIBO and recurrent bladder. I tried a diet with no carbs and sugar for a while but though in the beginning gave me energy I lost interest after not much later on. I am trying a new antidepressant and slept well last night.


maybe someone could help you to stretch that leg out with just simple

bends. Are you taking a pain medicine?


This is such a good idea. At the moment my husband is learning to give me massages. But when i did pay for chinese acupuncture and massage it did help but its so expensive that i am not doing it at the moment. I take pregabalin 200x2, tramadolx4, cocodamolx2, paracetamol x4. But still have a lot of pain in the mornings that I CAN HARDLY GET OUT OF BED. It is so demoralising and keeping strong is what I do but with great difficulty.

I meditate and working full time keeps me active.


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