Sadness this morning

I was shocked and very sad this morning to find that Yikes has left the forum. Yikes was a valuable member of this forum, one of the most helpful and sympathetic member i have come to know on the forum. I wish her well in the future and hope she will come back to us when she feels ready to. I will miss you Yikes, your posts, your comments, and your lovely humour.

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  • same here Elisse, she will be missed greatly

  • same here, ive not been on for a while and i just saw the message she left for me, im sad, that we lost her, but hope that what shes decided to do now will bring her peace and happiness :(

  • hi antique77 I haven't been on the forum for a while I was in touch with yikes(Karan) but I have just learnt she has left the forum I have tried to make contact with her but to no avail you don't happen to have an email address for her do you please? I would just like to no if she's ok.

  • Make it three. Just wish we knew for sure she is doing ok.

  • Do we know why Yikes has left or have her reasons been kept secret?

  • Sorry to hear that. I am now on an online support group for people who are caring for loved ones that are terminal. I find it really helps keep me sane and puts life in perspective. Maybe she will return?

  • Thank you for sharing this news Elisse which I am very sad to hear. Yourself and Yikes are two of the people that have helped me the most. If you are in touch with her please give her my very best wishes. I hope she gets as much care as she has shown to others.

  • I hope Yikes comes back, but from the pm she left me, and the fact she has left completely, i doubt we will see her again. It has nothing to do with the forum that she left. She has her own reasons.

  • I had been in touch with her a lot, since my neice died, she was a great support to me, and i just wish i had gotten to tell her my new's, im now the proud mum of my nieces daughter, i have legally adopted her, and i didnt get to tell Yikes before she left, so if anyone has her email addy would you please pass this news on to her for me, im not trying to hijack this thread about her, just so sorry she has left us :(

  • Hi Sister3, thats some good new's for her, and i will pass it on to her right now, im sure she will be glad to hear this, as i am, well done you xx

  • Thanks Elisse for sharing, I hope she comes back one day because she was very helpful to the forum. I wave my peace flag for her :)

  • Peace be with you dear Yikes.

  • Yikes removed herself from the forum so I can't send her a message to say goodbye. If anyone is in touch with her privately, please could you wish her well from me and thank her for all she has contributed to the forum. She has been a real asset and I know she will be missed. Thanks

  • doing it for you now Tiredparent :)

  • Great- thanks so much x

  • I shall miss Yikes too Elisse, and hope she is well.

  • Onwards and upwards Yikes. You spent so much time on this forum, helping and supporting others. Thank you. I wish you well.

  • if anyone out there has an email address for yikes(Karan)can they please get in touch thanks

  • Hi Connie I do have her emial as I told you Iv been talking to her for nine months If I give you the Emial will let me know If she relies to you ,

  • hi Erona I would appreciate you sending me her email & I promise you I wont tell a sole where I've got it from & I will get back to you if I receive a reply & let you know anyway I will still get back to you SUE

  • I've been checking thru the posts and just read that Yikes is leaving the forum - does anybody know why? I've really enjoyed talking to her and she's been so helpful.

  • I shall Miss Yikes and wish her well along with all who use the Forum. Hope she decides to to return some day.

  • Yikes helped me so much sad to hear she has left us, I wish her all the best XXX

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