Restless Legs Syndrome
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hi there flying on sunday for a short break so looking forward to it but!! arms and legs so are bad can anyone help me

anyone with any tips ,I have a three hour flight with a two hour car drive to the airport i know i can double up with my artrel which will help me a bit but i am scared witless at the thought of it all half a hour drive in the car today and they were going mad ,so please can anyone help me with some tips cheers lass

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Type 'flight+RLSuk' into the search box, top right and you'll see previous suggestions! Best of luck with the trip


thank you so much tiredparent will do


Hi Lass. This is what I used to do when my RLS was much worse. I recommend only trying it once. It worked for me within 40 minutes of taking. And it worked each and every time. So if it doesn't work that very first time I wouldn't try it again. I would take two "bio-available" iron tablets (not the drug store kind) during a horrible attack or right before bed (if you take any other time it probably won't work). It has to be on a somewhat EMPTY stomach. And one tablet may have worked, not quite sure why I took two. I used a brand called "Easy Iron" but any chelated iron or one that is broken down to a more available form. The generic name for the iron I took is ferrous bisglycinate chelate. The regular ferrous sulfate from the drug store never seemed to work. I am not anemic or low on iron stores yet it always worked for me...for one night. Next night I had to do it all over again.


puritan. com or's not very expensive at all..

Bisglycinate is what you need to see on the label..

it's a gentle release so it feeds in slow and steady...

in other words, you won't feel like your pushing a kid out when

you use the toilet...haha..(just for you Mispiemas and Ookla)

Are we hijacking Ookla's space here? haha..

Whenever you are taking iron...drink water all day long, extra..

water is good...caffeine dehydrates you stick to

caffeine free everything..caffeine is bad for's bad, bad, bad!!! =))


You are so funny. I never knew caffeine is bad for RLS!!! That piece of information alone is worth the price of admission around here. What about you? I want to know about you? Have you tried that form of iron, on an empty stomach, when you're having an attack? How's your RA? How are you feeling on antibiotics? Clearly they are not helping your RLS??? Well if you need a diversion, an unbelievable diversion, google "Dr. Quantum." It's a five minute animated You Tube video about quantum physics. You will never look at the world the same again. Sweet dreams.


sweet dreams or sweet drama..all looks the same to me..

I think that I might actually be up a while..I have some stuff that I am working always...haha. RA..that's the weird's not bad at all..once in awhile I hammered by it but it seems to be the times when I giver' as in going the extra mile or I lifted something..but there is a reason that I should be hurting..any normal person would be hurting too...having a record of it taught me to see's interesting..the weather doesn't make it act up at all..but some of my doctors thought that it was well controlled by a drug..turns out to be wrong..I had a year break in my medicine..maybe longer and I felt the who knows..It might be time to do a complete dump and treat symptoms that come up..I'm tuned up pretty well so this is the ideal time to do that..One of the drugs that I take is like 8 Grand a to pay that out..for the insurance and me..but lucky for me, everyone is approved for the co-pay assist that has commercial insurance..I have been treated as RA even though I have been sero-seronegative for years...The medicine is like hooking yourself up to includes some chemo..double and triple shots of a time monthly, weekly's hit or miss on that stuff..some people get up and walk after being in wheelchairs...I have seen miracles on the MTX alone..

I don't really want to get into the antibiotics..but the medicine that I take for RA does cause boarderline's been's one of the several drugs that I have to

watching those sugars is a headache..I am forced to eat like

a bird all day long...I do what I can...also the RA meds screw with my liver..some of the other ones like MTX cause some problems with me..I can't drink anything alcoholic with that stuff in me..Tylenol and some other medicines have to be avoided including iron but I watch that like a hawk..any changes and I am quitting with that stuff...I am now done with MTX..threw it away...I didn't' have any of the big gun stuff either in 2 months or know what? I don't miss it at all..

Okay ...the antibiotics..I still have some insulin resistance going on just kinda borderline but given my dad's history..I am or have been taking some doctor said 100%'s a must have..that started when I had those 5 hellish surgeries.Somehow I went to a pedicure spa..I have always done that with my girls..I was the one to get in the bad water..some bacteria got in my feet..we have to assume that because both feet were in the water..both got nailed with it did take care of that for me..I am finishing the very strong antibiotics..taking live audiophiles to put the good bacteria in me...How come doctor's never tell people to do that ,I wonder?..hmm..but nope..didn't touch RLS..not even a little bit..

I'm glad that someone is going to get some sleep tonight..

It's not even 10 over here..I am taking Elmer for a little walk..we have the first measurable was icing out earlier..We need some quality time yet then it will

be back to work for me..if I feel like it..major mess up at corporate and resetting my stuff is now trickling in..slowly..I have a week to do what I do...I might be

downloading all night. I am not tired..not at all...My mind is cluttered and I didn't even remember to take the rest of my medicines legs are doing okish..very mild if at all..Will 100% sure use that iron..but not until next week..I have to finish the antibiotics..I am doodling and thinking..kind of wanting to start some other work..but not..I put a lot of hours in this 15 hours a day/night and some of it

was a heck of a challenge..I have to wait..hate yes.

I will look at that video while I am putting on my boots to take Elmer out a little ways..he is waiting for me..Todd was a party popper..he hung out alone today doing little projects in the basement..since he got home from work..then right to bed..

I'm not going to sleep in that room tonight..I have a book to read. It's a book that may share the philosophy as I now have about drugs..I want to see if I agree or not..I'm sure that I do.

Keep in touch..can't believe that we wrote so I did..weird mood, I guess..=)


You're a mad woman! You work, work out, and leave the rest of us in the dust. Well, now I've heard one too many horror stories about pedicures. I'm quitting them cold turkey. I have a foot reflexology place by me, that's gonna be my new escape. You're a healer, do you know that? A true medicine woman. And like any good shaman, you must SUFFER all of the diseases of the world and cure yourself so that you can fulfill your destiny. I read a couple of books by a man who compiled near death experience stories from all over the world. Supposedly we all volunteered for our station in life. I can see you holding up your hand and volunteering for all these things to spare others. As my grandmother always used to say - oy vey!


Neupro comes in 3mg patches+ tramadol+pregavalin+co codamol help me when I had three hour drive+15 hour flight. Only that I did sleep most of the time and my legs got very swollen.


The only way that I could counteract the swelling due to medicines

and the tight leg room was to drink water like it was a drinking contest

and the water was ice cold beer...I drank it like I was prepping for an

ultrasound but I used the restroom...bad choice I know but hey, last

week someone went into the restroom on the plane (toilet) and they

discovered a cubby with one million dollars in there...It was in our newspapers

who knew that a million dollars would be smuggled in a airplane

toilet gotta check those cubbies out next time...haaha.=)


I have told some girls, ladies to bring along a very interesting, addictive reading

materials along on plane rides...headphones with soothing music or whatever

puts you in your element will distract you..pod casts, something that takes you

elsewhere than in that confined place..your seat..will audio book helps

me if I have to go far..I read it and imagine what they are talking about...the longest

trip in the world will be if you look at books about sickness, RLS, or if you think about

not getting RLS bring a couple things with you to do alone..My mom got on a

plane and went 4 hours away..she was so scared to fly without my dad for the first

time..the doctor gave her heavy valium...She didn't sleep all that good and she vomited

all the way out wasn't fun sitting near her..RLS wasn't an issue that time..

I constricted my own body to be as far away as possible..the air make

matters worse, my sister told her to take it on a full, very full stomach....she ate

ice cream, an egg salad sandwich...We switched places to be near the toilet..

that was part of the mix of her throwing up..the stink from the was hell

for me...3.5 hours and rough turbulence..I had to buckle up with this woman..

She cleared an isl;e out fast...I wanted the oxygen mask to fall so

do learn from that lesson..please..haha. =)


I am still three months later trying to get rid of this extra fluid! Any advise!


When people start retaining water in their fingers, feet, ankles..they think

that they should not be drinking so much makes sense but the opposite is true..The more water that you retain, the more that you need to drink..Some rivers have waterfalls where the current gets stronger so it can push the water all the way over the edge to actually fall's a perfect system..extra water is just like picks up speed and pushes the water right out of your drink extra water to remove the excessive water retention.. Also keep the feet up higher than the of the fastest

ways to do that is to go to your bed and lay flat on your slide your

butt into the spot where your pillow normally is..and put your feet on the wall.

Either have clean feet or wear socks...keep your legs in that position for 15 minutes if possible... You should do everyday until the swelling goes down.

You have been struggling for 3 months? That's too long..the doctor should be called by the 3rd week without a doubt with moderate swelling..but you

could try the suggestions above first..if you get other symptoms besides the swollen ankles, then call the doctor right away...especially if the area over

your kidneys hurt or you are unable to urinate for more than 8 hours..XX Karen




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