Ouch! back spasms!

Iv`e had quite an uncomfortable weekend because a muscle on the right side of my back just over the right kidney area decided to seize up on Friday evening. It`s much better now, but it was very unpleasant while it lasted.It`s happened before, & always clears up after a couple of days, but I wonder what causes my back to spasm like this. Painkillers aren`t much help. I wish that I could find a way to stop it happening again.

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  • You probably need a muscle relaxer..I hate to be a pill pusher on this

    but sometimes the back just cannot release the tension in it and you

    end up with spasms..but when you get those relaxers and your back

    no longer hurts so much..you have to start working some of the muscles

    in the back safely..Physical therapy is so necessary in order for you to

    learn how to settle those muscles down..the pills are only temporary for

    a solution..eventually you will build up an immunity to your current dose..

    and that could be ongoing..

  • Good morning hairy fairy, well you are having a hard time aren't you, well speaking of a pain full muscle I'm in the same situation believe it or not just a different muscle I had a mammogram. Last tue and today a full week ago I can move my right side she pulled the chest muscle that wraps around my back and under my under arm and down, even my arm was no good to me at all and the pain was thru the roof, so I will share with you what I did to overcome that and it may be of some use to you. I used that mayo flex rub no smell, and I took Advil , and a heating pad, and as much rest as I could get. I sure hope your getting some relief by now or at least on the healing side of it.

    Have a good day !

    Me :)

  • I suggest 2 products for relief.

    1. Bio Freeze for cool-check Amazon for best price on 2 pack of roll on for $15

    2. Therm o Patch for heat can be found in any store that sells aspirin. Stocked next to aspirin.

    It is a matter of which works best for you heat or cold.

    Start with 20 minutes of cold then 1 hour of heat. Bio freeze is odorless and does not stain. The heat patch is good for up to 12 hours.

    Good luck & remember pain is weakness leaving your body.

  • Your reply is a brand new method that I have not heard..The bio

    freeze is regarded as a super powerful pain relief..I am hearing

    about it now all of the time...How does that work with the Bio Freeze..

    and then a thermo patch..I would assume that you would rinse

    off the skin with biofreeze off first??? Then apply the Therm o patch?

    I would think that if applied together, the patch wouldn't stick..

    and if it did, would the chemicals in them mix and give your skin a burn??

    or a severe itch??

    I am so new to biofreeze and treating pain with an ointment...I can't know

    unless I ask, right? So would it work to put biofreeze on the skin and

    then sit against a heating pad?? I am so interested in this..I am in

    another forum where pain is the only big symptom that anyone feels..

    I don't have true pain like that so I wouldn't be able to tell them how

    this works..They are a group of people with RA.. Not once has anyone

    suggested anything but Ben Gay Rub..and most agree that the scent

    is very much too strong, greasy..messy.

    Thank you in advance for this information.

  • Hello, Bio Freeze absorbs into body quickly, but would not hurt to wipe off any remaining residue. As for using both at the same time, I have never tried. You try & let me know.

    I believe that pain is weakness leaving my body. Therefore I attack pain with any of the following: exercise, heat, cold, water and or prayer. Anything that will change my state of mind.

    As for RA, it has been said WD-40 relives pain. Really! The main ingredient in WD-40 is fish oil.

    Enjoy your day.

  • That would just be too wild for me to spread WD-40 all

    over myself hahaha..I wouldn't ingest it either...Have you

    tried it on your pain? I fight back with exercise every single

    time my body hurts..which is rarely..I may use my muscles

    differently but I keep on moving even if I have tears rolling down my cheeks...especially when I was looking at the

    wheelchair as my future...RA used to be that type of

    sentence but now with the new drugs, I will never look or

    have to be disabled..I like your theory of pain being weakness

    leaving the body- as long as it is a body that doesn't have some type of autoimmune disease that is doing damage to it.

    I have seen some people do some very serious damage by running on a sprain..the set back was weeks.

    Pretty smart cookie, you are!!! I am too tempted to order biofreeze and have my sister try it out..(with the heating pad)

    She is the one that constantly has a backache.

  • BTW: I have PD not RLS.

    As for back pain, I used to go to Chiro once a month. Now I go every 4 months whether I need to or not. I contribute this to my use of an inversion machine. I also have grown a half inch, or should I say stretched a half inch.

    Good day

  • I stand corrected as to WD-40. I was sent a link that exposed as myth. Thank you ICU2

  • I fall hook, line and sinker for anything that shows promise..your myth did sound promising however, I wanted for you to try out the theory..WD-40 is one of the best products out there for the mechanic, maintenance guy or for that fisherman that the article talks about

    Haha..I always say that arthritis is like the tin man without his oil can..haha. =)))

  • Thank you for site info

  • My vote too for Bio Freeze. I use a wheat bag heated in the microwave when I want heat.

    I also have a HoMedics Massage Cushion. which helps but I wish I could speed it up. It's good for relaxing muscles but not so good for the RLS related pain I get in my back.

  • The homedics massage cushion gave me the worst dizziness.

    I have no idea why..My RLS was hell after sitting against one..

    I wish Sowilo was still on here..Seems that his computer was

    acting up badly..I miss you Sowilo if you get this message someday! =)

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