Restless Legs Syndrome
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Why do things always go wrong all at once?

Has anyone noticed that unlucky events seem to come in groups? in the spring of this year, I was sanctioned a months benefits, at the same time my washing machine broke, I could have had it reapaired, but then I developed an infection under one of my molars, & had to pay £ 120 to get it treated, despite being entitled to NHS treatment. Iv`e noticed this pattern all my life, bad luck attracting more bad luck. Does anyone else notice this pattern in their life, if so, do they have any theories as to why this happens?

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All that plus RLS? You seem to have your plate really full. By the way, how

IS your RLS lately? Is that stress making it worse?


Sometimes we get so overwhelmed with bad stuff, we forget to see, or remember, the good stuff that happens. hope you have a good day today !! x x x x


My RLS is the same as ever, no better, no worse.


Hairyfairy, What kind of things are you doing during a bad RLS bout?

Does anything in particular help it?


Yes ribs and beer


I drink some tonic water, which usually helps, but I have to wait until it`s bad, because Iv`e read that too many carbonated drinks are bad for the bones.


Did you get to talk to the doctor about your RLS? I don't mean

to pry, my intentions are to help. I love carbonated drinks. They

are so powerfully addicting to me. I have one each day. It's

caffeine free.


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