Is RLS linked to digestive disorders?

I've suffered intermittent RLS for years, and it was at it's worst when I was pregnant. I thought perhaps my hormonal changes had something to do with it. Lately I haven't had a single attack for weeks, and pondering over this I have noticed a correlation between my digestive system and my RLS. Namely, I get attacks if I am constipated. Throughout my pregnancy I was chronically constipated. Now I think that was the cause of my severe RLS episodes, which would have me unable to even sit in the back of a car for five minutes without kicking the front passenger. Has anyone else noticed a link like this? Would you maybe test it out?

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  • During my pre

  • During my pregnancy my RLS was at it's worst. Some Doctors claim a shortage of calcium can be attributed to RLS and when pregnant the baby is drawing on your calcium, however I find my RLS is worse when I am over tired and during pregnancy especially near the end I was always over tired so don't know if it was either or! But definitely was worse during that time of my life

  • My RLS is made far worse when I have lower back pain, which I have a present. I'm lucky because I take 1 co-codamol and one paracetamol and I go to bed. I can get up to 5 hours peace in bed.

  • Iv`e no idea what causes my RLS, but I notice that it`s always worse when I`m coming down with a cold, which is most of the time in the winter.

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