Restless Legs Syndrome
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Restless Nights

With regard to RSL I have found some relief from a machine which is a circulation electrical stimulator, when you put both feet on gives a gentle electric pulse. There are various programmes and varying intensity which you are able to choose. Inevitably when I get into bed the 'hot ants' start creeping over the soles of my feet and my legs start to twitch and jump, I then get up and have a 30 minute session on the machine. I usually find it works and go back to bed. Last night I used it prior to getting into bed and I managed to get off to sleep without an 'attack'.

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Hi rupert1951, I tried one of those machines, unfortunately it didnt do anything for my RLS. But i am pleased you found something which is helping you get your sleep.


Hi Rupert, I have one of these, but can't say it's helping me a lot

So glad you are getting some relief from RLS with it :)


I am also glad that helps you. I have tried one of those, it had the opposite effect on me. It made my legs buzz more. So, I hope it continues for you! Good luck!


I havent tried that one but i did try a tens machine which just made things worse. I have one of those old fashioned fat wobbling machines, the stand up ones, its a quiet modern one and i can use that when i am watching TV. the movement quietens things down for a effect on the fat tho yet!!!!


Hi there

Glad it's working for you. I also tried a tens machine and found it unbearable, it felt like I was plugging myself into an electric socket!!


HI Rupert ,

I'm glad the machine worked for you.I tried it but unfortunately it did not work for me.Long may you get relief from it.