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Restless Legs Syndrome
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Does anyone find their RLS gets better if you are ill?


I'm on ropinorole 2mg and have been on this dose for about 3 years. I'm wondering if others find that it works intermittently? I seem to have a run of reasonable nights sleep 4-5 on the trot, then the tablet seems to stop working and I get little sleep. It eventually kicks in a gain and I can sleep again!. Recently I had a bout of flu and felt quite ill with headaches and fever but amazingly no RLS at all!!!. Bliss was almost wonderful to be able to lie still and sleep without legs jumping and twitching. Unfortunately as soon as I started feeling better the RLS returned with a vengence. I've now had 4 nights with very little sleep and am feeling almost desperate and very miserable. i just hope tonight will be better.


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I have heard of people who when they have the flu and fighting a fever, their RLS seems to calm down. The theory (not mine) seems to be your body is consentrating on the fever and therefore, leaves the RLS alone. I am not sure why people seem to have bouts of good nights then the med seems to stop. But i have read where that does seem to happen too.

I hope it settles back down and you sleep better tonight.


Thanks for your reply.As I usually find after several bad nights I find things settle own and the meds work again. Ax


yes, it has happened to me too. Flu and fever and I can sleep.


Millidog, hi. I had a similar experience about a month ago. I do suffer with migraines, but on this occasion it was the mother of all migraines - sick, nausea, hot/cold, and the most banging, hammering head. As I'd decamped to the bathroom feeling terrible, I suddenly thought, 'Hey, it's 1am, peak rls time for me and I'm not aware of the rls.' I think that Elisse is right, your body fights one thing at once. You might think that in this case, science research would have a role to play. Alas the next night was rls business as usual. All the best to you all.


You mean that there is something good about fever and flu?

Who knew... haha.

I will have to pay attention.


I have experienced that, Your diet usually changes when you are ill..Can you work out what you were not eating during that time?


I have very severe rls I have been taking ropiniirole for over two years now I’m trying medical marijuana cdb capsules with a 1/2 og1 mg ropinirole seens to be helping me just started so fingers crossed. It works


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