Please read if you are Ropinirole

RLS-UK has been in contact with GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) regarding Ropinirole, which GSK manufacture.

There is a problem with the distribution of Ropinirole on the lower 0.5mg tablet which means it is often unavailable. However, you may still find it at an independent chemist.

If you are unable to find the 0.5mg dosage your doctor may prescribe 2 x 0.25mg.

It might be prudent to raise this issue with your doctor if you are on a 0.5mg prescription so to ensure you get a correct prescription at the time of your appointment (rather than having to go back again for a new prescription if your chemist cannot issue 0.5mg tablets due to the short supply)

GSK are unable to advise when the the current issues will be resolved with the 0.5mg tablet.

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  • My local branch of Boots were unable to supply me with 1mg tablets last week. Luckily I had put my prescription in early and had some left. 

    They event got me 40 tabs out of my order of 168, so hopefully problem with supply will be sorted soon. 

  • I've been waiting a month for 1mg. The chemist suggested that he could get me .5 and to take two. From your information that's not going to happen either. Fortunately I had a good stock but am running low now.

  • @cfall checking in. I found Ropinerole was the one of the reasons behind my bizarre symptoms. I had to get off that pill (3.0 mg) before the Relaxis Pad could do its magic . I say magic only in jest as its success is based on solid scientific data. You might say my thalamus has been properly trained and I no longer have restless legs or take any Rx. I do take Iron and Vitamin C but definitely no Ropinerole. I don't need the pad for light RL either.  For those in the UK, hang in there until Relaxis is distributed there . Claudine

  • Cfall what type of iron do you take and what time of day do you take it?

  • This thread is about availability of Ropinerole. Can we stay on subject pleeeeeeeeease? It gets VERY confusing when the threads are constantly hijacked. If you want to go to a totally different subject, can we start a new post please, out of respect to the initial poster. It is only the kind and respectful thing to do. It will be simpler, since we are all sleep deprived here, so thank you ahead of time. There are so many posts every day, would be nice. :)

  • There is no need to be so rude. Night dancer asked politely and respectfully that you refrain on this particular thread from raising iron and that the conversation remain focused on the availability of Ropinerole. There was nothing in Nightdancer's comment that deserved your response.




  • I wasnt referring to your post on the iron.  Thats down to Daragh if he decided to remove it.  I was talking about you jumping to conclusions that  you think one person has been "crying" to Daragh. Thats the facts you have got wrong.!   The person YOU think has not done that. !!

    Take your gripe up with Admin.


  • As i said take it up with Admin, do it in a PM, you keep breaking the rules over and over again. 



  • @cfall Reply   I take 325mg Ferrous sulfate from the local pharmacy, CVS. The label says:  "IRON 65 mg USP". I take it with Vitamin C for better absorption. Claudine

  • hmmmmmm, is this only in the UK, or is it global? This is about the Ropinerole, as Daragh had said, who is the chairman of the RLS-UK Foundation, so out of respect for him and the rest of this large group, can we stay on subject? makes it easier to follow IMHO.

  • I felt I should resurrect this post. Local Boots had no Ropinerole yesterday and couldn't say when they expected a delivery.

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