Restless Legs Syndrome
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Hi for months now my RLS is getting worse, starting in my knees is a burning sensation first one then the other, this builds to explortion rls which is quiet violent. My knees creek and grind hurt when walking up&down stairs. Ive tried stretching, walking and applying cold damp cloth all waste of time, I'm I the only one? be greatfull for any comments!!!

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I can not say I feel a burn?

what I do experience is a mild empty feeling in my knees.

followed by a mild almost movement then a jerk..

it is perhaps expected by me and it contracts at strange moment in bed.

and contributed too by my exercising.

I apply a mild heat lotion if really restless and usually sleep after, I will say the aromatherapy is nice when applied too.

I use an Aloe Heat, it doesn't linger in smell and is non greasy to my clothes.

find it on Forever Living products.


I had a knee replacement a year ago.

Have you talked to a doctor about seeing a Orthopedic

Surgeon? Doesn't mean surgery but they certainly can

help you find a solution..and to tell you if that's normal...

The grinding, popping and knee that gave out is not missed

at all... that thing was ruining my life with the pain and swelling.

It hurt to lay on my side with the knee on the bed... that's how

much fluid the knee held.. Going to the Orthopedic Surgeon

was my best move in getting answers.

Heat made my knee did running, walking distances

and bending it was almost impossible.. for several months.

Mention to the Orthopedic that RLS is something that you

contend with and hopefully he will help get that treatment

for your pain, grinding knee started.

I wish you success as I've had with knee replacement.


Hi Thank you for your message I will mention this to my GP, it is something I have not considered so it might be the right move? I glad you have found yours

best wishes!!!


Hi - I have the same problem coming down stairs particularly- it often feels as if my legs wont work and bend and that I am going to fall! However I never really made a connection between this and my RLS. I don't feel a burn but a almost tightening sensation before I have to kick out or jerk my legs. I had an attack last night while in the car as a passenger and it is such a panicky sensation that I am beginning to dread my journey down to the West country in a couple of weeks.


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