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Ramsays Disease
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Muscle Dysfunction

One of the primary symptoms of ME is generalized abnormal muscle fatigue that occurs after relatively mild activity. Fatigue can be defined as a progressive impairment in maximal force generating capacity that develops during muscular activity.


Objective evidence that the GETSET Trial was doomed as a failure when exercise avoidance and muscle deconditioning were at the core of it's model a hypothesis which ignores muscle and mitochondria dysfunction.


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Facing the objective evidence of muscle dysfunction is the unevidenced claim of muscle deconditioning caused by exercise avoidance which supports the GET (graded exercise therapy) storyline spun by the biopsychosocial brigade.

When first do no harm ethic is observed there can be no treatment for muscle dysfunction that continually increases exercise despite symptoms also increasing an iatrogenic harm.


If medical staff faced consequences following a treatment harm such as applies in other areas of malpractice does GET remain a recommended therapy.


Informed consent requires an explanation of risks of harm or benefits from the medical professionals.

That would include informing patients that over 70% experienced worsening of symptoms in M.E Association survey meassociation.org.uk/2015/0...


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