People are being harmed out here in the real world and are not interested in hearing about how ‘tough decisions need to be made’ or how the Government is providing ‘a strong welfare safety net for those in need’, the complete opposite is true. Ordinary disabled people are having ill-informed decisions forced on them at frightening speed and even losing their employment and that 'safety net is a piece of Swiss cheese. If the Government want to save money, employ competent people to reach well-informed, good quality decisions at the outset and stop wasting money dragging disabled people through the appeals process which is more like a cheese grater than any able bodied person would tolerate.

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  • Signed

  • signed for competent assesments

  • Done and fingers crossed it makes a difference

  • I believed in strong safety net until I tried using it.

  • signed I have had to go to tribunals twice and was treated abominably in a 2 hr long gruelling session in a building which was not even disabled accessible in many ways. I was even blamed for the length of the session as they repeated the same questions over and over demanding that I give them a simple yes or no answer in an attempt to justify a negative decision. This after months of preparation with expert help and having an educated friend with me in the hearing. With lies on the forms and a doctor's assessment which gave me a total of 0 points, I eventually still came out with DLA, but unfortunately have been severely set back since and never recovered to my former levels of functionality. This system is perverse and hateful to claimants and they try every possible trick to deny. Thank you for your efforts re: this petition.

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