Ramsays Disease
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Esther Crawley will be leading research based on results from the flawed PACE trial research meassociation.org.uk/2016/0...

This from a researcher that promoted Parkers - Lightning Process for children bris.ac.uk/social-community...

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M.E is easily treatable a statement no competent medical practitioner will make. Rings alarm bells without knowing which criteria is proposed for diagnosing the victims of this torture.

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This is extremely worrying. After all the controversy over the results of the PACE trial, it seems unbelievable that any scientist would want to be associated with such research again.

If ME is so easily treatable, why are we not all recovering?


Hard enough for adults saying no when given this treatment.


"There is good evidence that graded exercise therapy is moderately effective in adults with CFS/ME"

Beginning with a misrepresentation of evidence casts doubt on this group of researchers ability when data is interpreted.


Frightening they are thinking of harming children and think it's ok.


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