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I'm new here. Anyone have luck with quitting by using vaping as a replacement? In January of 2019, while getting a chest xray for a work injury, I was diagnosed with stage iv lung cancer. I'm doing well with immunotherapy and was able to cut down to 2 cigs per day replacing it with vaping until the pandemic hit. Needless to say, I fell off the wagon 😕. Has anyone had any luck with quitting and using vaping as a substitute? My oncologist doesn't have a problem with the vaping.

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Hi pcsangel64, Welcome to quit support. Thank you for joining us.

I personally havent used vaping , however many member use vaping for quitting. If you can gradually reduce the dosage as you go along there should be no problem. I am sure there will be others who have used vaping for their quits. I wish you luck. I hope your cancer treatment is working well for you. I myself have had lung cancer 8 years ago so you have my best wishes to beat that horrid disease.

If you wish we can assign you a progress badge next to your name. I f you let me know your exact quit date.

Look forward to supporting you. :) xxx

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Thanks so much. What stage were you diagnosed at? The immunotherapy seems to be working.

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Hi sorry for late reply, it was my bedtime. :) I got diagnosed after a routine xray. stage 4. I had my whole right lung removed as I has 2 tumours on my lung. I then had adjuvant chemo for 6 sessions. Immunnotherapy seems to be what they do now , it was never mentioned when I went in hospital. I think it gets some very good results. Take care. XXX

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I've been fortunate to be an excellent candidate for Keytruda. Now if I could get this monkey off my back called smoking, I'd be completely happy


I do not have cancer myself but I have been diagnosed with copd/emphysema, I quit smoking over 3 years ago using a vape, did have nrt help to start with (patches and mints) but found it easier than I thought it would be, good luck with your quit journey and keep safe

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Hi there

Glad to hear you quit. That is a big defeat . I also was diagnosed last year with Copd/emphysema, I was smoking 1 1/2 packs of cigs a day and immediately cut down to 15 , only taking a few puffs each, because I found I would get like a drunk/dizzy feeling - over the last year, have cut down to 7 a day , only taking a few puffs and still getting that feeling.

I know I should quit and I did get thru 20 days in March then fell off the wagon.

I’m trying to understand why I am having that feeling - did you cut down or did you stop completely?



Cloe7 Weeks Winner

Hi, any cigarettes you cut down has got to be a bonus. To be honest the vape hasn’t worked for me as psychologically I was still smoking, however my partner has quit for 5 years now and on zero nicotine but keeps it for just in case.

Lung cancer stage iv is serious and smoking will only go against your battle, I’m sure vaping is better than smoking, but look after yourself and just focus on everything you can do for you and your health now. There’s always a better option than smoking but the addiction pulls us in to not know any different. Good luck! I wish you all the best of health. ❤️ Ps I’m 11 days not smoking for the zillionth time, in fear of all lung diseases it can cause, which is what has given me the strength to get 11 days and hopefully forever in. 🤞

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Thank you Cloe

Lavenderrose112 Weeks Winner

Hi there, I am quitting using a vape. I am down to 6mg and only use it in the evening, don’t even touch it during the day. I am day 50 now but only smoked 3 cigarettes a day to begin with and was like that for years. I sometimes go a few days without the vape now too. Next drop is 3mg and then 0. I have found its really helped me although I am putting on weight which I am not happy about.


I vaped for a long time before quitting and never smoked an actual cigarette after that. My advice to people wanting to try vaping is get a quality vape, not a cheap one. Then start with a higher strength nicotine and see if that works for you by totally fulfilling your cravings. only buy good liquid, not the sort sold in bundles at paper shops or garages.

If you feel that you are satisfied bring the nicotine strength down a notch and see how you go.

Cheap vapes tend to leak and then there is the dodgy battery issue and you want the best possible chance of success.

A good vaping store should be happy to help, but ballpark budget around 60 pounds for the vape and around 10 pounds per week for liquid.

Change your coil about once a week as well as this will help with the flavour and the "hit"

I think a lot of people start off wrong and go back because they don't get the above right.

Good luck :-)

fagsnomore12 Weeks Winner

I vaped last year when i tried to give up, it was no help for me as it just made me want to have a cigarette more.

Hello, I'm so sorry about your diagnoses! How are u doing now? Like you,my husband was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer in 2017. He passed 6 weeks later. He was 3 days away from turning 41. Like you,he started vaping to quit smoking. He also thought it was a safer option! At the time I thought so too. But with more studies and information it seems if it's not worse than smoking, it is at least just as bad . It's hard to believe your doctor is ok with you vaping, and honestly why in the world would you still be doing it after a stage 4 lung cancer diagnoses! Wouldn't you want to do Everything in your power to beat this Horrible disease ? I think vaping will not only lessen your chance of recovery, but hasten your illness! When it's literally a matter of life and death, why would you take the chance? Good luck !

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I'm actually doing well so far. Each cancer is different, I'm very sorry to hear about your husband. I've done my research on vaping and its not nearly as dangerous as smoking. The media likes to put out their spin on lung injuries as a result of vaping. However, those instances of of people vaping with THC , which mixes vitamin E oil in it. My oncologist agrees. I do appreciate your thoughts on this but the last thing I or anyone else with this diagnosis and trying to quit is a lecture.

fagsnomore12 Weeks Winner

sorry to hear you have the C. Personally a vape is still like smoking and that habit of lifting it up to my mouth etc so i never found it helped. But i’ve friends that think it’s brilliant.

you are still inhaling something foreign into your lungs.

good luck and if it helps then go for it .

Travis8810 weeks winner

I stopped smoking with zyn. No tobacco in it, just a nicotine pouch. Hope everything works out for you.

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