Push Yourself

Finding time to do my sets

Ergh, it's pretty difficult to find/privacy time to do them. For instance, today -

- I crawled out of bed, rushed through my house to try and get to work not too late. No time.

- I'm at work, nowhere to really do it here. I might do pressups in the toilet maybe, but I don't want people to hear me grunting and sweating in there and I also don't want to get my nose too close to that floor.

- After work I'm going to the theatre with my girlfriend. I'll probably get home at 11/12pm and the whole circus will start again tomorrow.

What am I to do? All I need is 10 minutes to myself in a medium sized room.

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All I can really suggest is maybe get up 10 mins earlier in the morning or go bed 10 mins later and do the press-ups either in the morning first thing before a shower or last thing at night, that's what I do, I try to do all my exercise in the morning first thing so now instead of getting up at 7 I get up at 5, do the press-ups go for a run, do a short football session and then relax for 30 mins with a book and that's everything between 5 and 7 and it sets me up for a good day and a good mindset :)

Hope you manage to find a time and space to do your press-ups,

Take care,

Siobhan :)

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Get up at 5? I can't even imagine doing that....

I wonder when the best time to exercise is?

Is it first thing in the morning? I think last thing at night is pretty bad (but I don't have evidence for that).

I think trying to find somewhere at work is my best bet at the moment, because dragging myself out of bed in the morning is the hardest thing ever.

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I thought that when I started trying to get up at 5 and now my body is used to get up at that time, some days it is difficult but once I've got my exercise out of the way and sat down to read a book before I start doing more important things my body is greatful, you don't have to get up at 5 like I do, just 10 minutes earlier to do some press-ups, it's obviously up to you, I would much prefer to do the press-ups during a break and give myself a little bit more time to sleep lol :)