Hello......... Is anyone still around!

Hi, I'm back again. I am determined to get a grip of my core and strength. So new year new start. I've set all my apps back to the beginning. My aim is to do stretches, squats, push-ups ( stair ones) and sit-ups twice a week with an extra one if I'm really good. I'm trying to make achieveable goals this year that keep me fit and healthy. My main aim is by the time I get to the end of the year I will be doing 2 really good stretch sessions a week and 2x 100 push-ups, 2x 100 squats and 2x 100 sit-ups a week.

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  • Hi, I'm here and I have much the same focus as you.

    I'm starting with a warm up week this week, then I will start the pushup, situp and squat challenges next week.

  • Sounds like a plan to me. I'm sure there I'll be some more ready to join us again in the coming days. Good luck.

  • I'm still here - week 5 day 2 next, possibly tomorrow or Wednesday. Still doing squats and static lunges in between each set. That may stop with this next lot as there are more sets each day.

    I went to Lidl today and bought a resistance band set, balance board and a new exercise mat, so I'll be doing some stretching, strength and core along with the running and walking, a bit of something everyday - well that's the plan!

  • Yes, still here - sagged slightly over Christmas, of course :D but determined to get back to it now and do my routine twice a week. The aim is to increase the weights, but not by much. I want to be toned, not muscly!

  • I'm still here as well, just kind of been busy, kept up with the running and flexibility training and the odd football training over christmas but I am starting back from week 1 today, this time round instead of just sitting there waiting for the 60seconds to go I will be doing what your doing and including other exercises in between the push ups sets :)

    Take care,

    Siobhan x

  • Sadly, I'm not still here. Was doing brilliantly and had just about finished w4, then pulled a muscle in my side, I assume doing the push ups but possibly carrying heavy Christmas shopping, and it's still causing me grief. Can't do push ups, but worse still, can't run properly either. Only managed 2 short slow runs since then, and even those needed ibuprofen afterwards :( Guess I'm living up to my profile picture of a broken down 1970s car -more time off the road than on!

  • I'm so sorry your on the IC. Hopefully with some tlc you'll be back out there running again soon. Hugs being sent xxx.

  • Cooooeeeee. Yeah still here but I was doing Jillian Michaels workouts for my Push Yourself Challenge

    Got to Day 23 of 30 day Six Week Abs. Amazing as I thought I wouldn't be able to do day 1

    Keep up the good work RFC!