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Peaceful at last

Sorry to say we lost my Mum to PSP 8th Nov at the Marie Curie Hospice Glasgow. She had such a hard time these last 8 years the last 3 years the worse, it must have been terrible trapped in a body that no longer worked. But she knew we loved her and was at home until she went in for restbite. I think she had had enough she became very poorly and passed away with us around her holding her loving her wishing her peace. Thanks to all the Doctors and nursing staff that looked after my Mum. RIP MUM MISS YOU ALWAYSxxxx

I only hope they find a cure its such a cruel illness. Lorra

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God Bless you and your mom...I believe that there is certainly a place in heaven for the people that have to endure this nasty disease. I hope that there is also room for us that try to care for the afflicted ones. Your mom, you and your family will be in my prayers.



helo Lorra

soerry to have tp contact u at this very sad time

-at least your mum is at peace now

after what has been a logn hard battle for all of your familiy

i have psp and althoguh i am fully aware e of how i will end up - not yet awhile i think-

plz keep on the site we need u here!

love jill



Hi Lorra

My most heartfelt condolences for your Mum. My husband passed away four years ago after seven years of PSP. Things weren't too bad in the beginning and then he began to deteriorate fast. I kept him at home with me always and he died in my arms.

Like your Mum, he is in a better place now.

Kind regards



Hi Lorra

So sorry to hear of the loss of your mum. My dad passed away in June this year and although I didn't want to lose him, I felt relief that he no longer had to endure this terrible condition. You were there with her at the end and that will have helped you as well as your mum. You need to take care of yourself now too.

My love and thoughts are with you and your family.

Lesley x


Hi Lorra,

May you take comfort in knowing that you did all you could to make your Mom's last years as comfortable as you could. Also, that she loved and appreciated all your efforts. Take care of yourself now. I am sure she is resting well!

Sure wish they could cure this today!!

Take Care,



Dear Lorra,

Sending much love to you and your family at this very sad time. I'm so glad you were able to be with her at the end.

Such mixed feelings for you - sorrow at losing your beloved Mum and relief that she is finally free of this horrible disease.

Do take care of yourself, give yourself time to grieve and may you find comfort in memories of happier times.


Kathy xxx


Thinking of you Lorra.




God Bless you and your family. Your mom is at peace now.

Take care..................Suzie xxx


So very sorry. I hope it is a comfort to you that your mum is no longer suffering.

Take care



sorry for your loss

you are in our thoughts



Dear Lorra,

So sorry the hear of your loss. It must be such a comfort to you that you were all there with your Mum when she passed on and I am sure that she knew you were with her.

Praying you will be comforted by the good memories you have.



Would like to thank everyone for their kind words and thoughts it means a lot to me and my family. Lorra


Dear Lorra

Just to say I am really sorry to hear your sad news. I am sure your dear mum was aware of all you had done for her and she that she appreciated everything.

May she rest in peace now free from this horrible condition. And may the happiest of memories of your mum remain with you all.

Thinking of you during this sad time.


Maggie x


Hi Lorra,

I'm so sorry to hear this. At least now she is free from PSP and the suffering.

Big hug & prayers to you

Hannah xx


Hello Lorra,

I'm so sorry for your very sad loss. i know we will have to find the strength to face what you are going through right now as my Dad too is going downhill very fast. Please find comfort knowing that everyone has you in their thoughts. Your Mum will be with you loving you always.

love to you and your family

fran x


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