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Standards of Care

Hi all

I have just read the sad blog from Cate about the poor care her Mum recieved and thought I'd let you know that I have found a Care Pathway Guide for PSP for professionals that you can download. Go to the new site and click on Professionals, scroll down to the Standards of Care and other guides, click on them to download. These may be a useful tool to use when talking to the professionals concerned with our loved ones care.

It may be upsetting to read about the different stages of PSP but may help you to know which professionals you could ask your GP or Consultant to refer your loved one to.

Love to you all


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hi lorri 2

thanks fo r that i nfo

i was jsut havign a look at the new website

lol jIll



Hi Lorri

Thanks for the information it is most helpful because at the moment I feel I am banging my head against a wall as no one really knows what / who they should refer my mum too. I feel that I am chasing all appointments and the GP is sat back watching me. Thanks again and good luck to everyone.


Thank you Lorri



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