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The HelterSkelter

You've climbed to the top of life's helterskelter,

You are sitting and watching,

Enjoying the view.

A nudge from behind sends you off on a journey.

Quite slowly, at first, you feel in control.

The further you go, the faster and faster.

Heading, you fear, for some kind of disaster.

No way of slowing,

No chance to get off.

You have to keep going,

No matter what.

Before you are ready

You round the last bend.

You know that it's coming,

You just don't know when.

Unprepared, there's a sudden, sharp drop.

You've come off the end,

To a final

Dead Stop.

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it si a good poem

dead stop for u / you r mum??

lol Jill



Brilliant poem Kathy - very well put!!

May I put this on my FB page please?



Hi Jules,

I don't mind you putting it on your facebook page as long as you say where you took it from. I keep thinking I may publish some of my poems in a book one day, and sell it to raise money for the PSP association and I need to maintain copyright to do that.

Thanks for your kind comments! :-)



Hi Kathy,

Thank you so much - I will most definitely say where it's from.

I think it would be a great idea for you to publish your poems, especially if this one is anything to go on.....not to mention the PSP Ass would be over the moon I'm sure!

Many thanks again,

Jules x


Thanks Jules! :-) Not sure I've got quite enough for a book just yet and not really sure how to go about getting them published but we'll see!!! ;-)


Well done, Kathy. Spot on! Please consider publishing some of your poems. The PSPASSOCIATION need every penny to help with their research into this disease and all those affected and their families would be really grateful. Thank you for putting The Helter Skelter poem on here for us all to see.

Take care........SuzieQ xx


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