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My PSP Family

Hi All

As I say to people, I have my family, my spiritual family at church, which is growing and my PSP Family, which is growing week by week with my involvement with the support group in Brentwood and who knows where it may go.

It is soooo lovely to have such a growing family and I hope to be able to increase my PSP family over the coming weeks and months with such lovely people touched by such a wretched illness and hope to make friends and support as manyh people as I can.

Love and best wishes to you all,


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Hi Jen

Spot on. Although my dad has passed away from this terrible condition I find the continued support of the PSP family a source of great strength as I try to find my way without him. Seeing what you and others are doing with the support groups is brilliant and will ensure people in a more localised community don't feel as isolated. This is so important when everyone you seem to talk to generally have never heard of the condition and it can make you feel very alone with it.

Well done with the Brentwood Support Group. Keep up the good work

Lesley x


hi jen

yes it wil b good to have a support grouyp nearer 2 where i ive too = in warrington i think

keep up our spiriits

love jill


Hi Jen, it was so lovely to finally get to meet you at the Symposium - putting a face to the voice and name always makes such a difference. You are doing such a fab job...Best wishes, Debbie


Thank you all for your comments and support, although I do find it difficult at times with the support group etc., it is part of my healing and if I can help at least one person, or one family I feel my experience with PSP and MND have been worthwhile, - my late mother in law died from MND in Septembe 1994 for those who dont know, MND is a 'cousin' for want of a better word, to PSP.

Love to all



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